We truly are in an incredible season, where God is moving quickly and answering prayers nearly as soon as they are released.

I had NO IDEA what God was going to do in my Born 2 Inspire Mentoring Program. I only knew that I was to be obedient. Its so much bigger than even us!.

Not only are we Praying together, we take communion together, we are accountable for our physical goals, we are losing weight together, growing stronger spiritually together, we are even fasting together for our spouses and sons. New ministries are being birthed, people are dreaming again, hope is being restored. We are building lifelong friendships. But more than anything, it has become a safe place for women to be exactly who God called them to be, without judgement.

A sisterhood has been established. And I am so very humbled and honored that God would use me to create such a place for all of us. Let me ask you, “Do you need a safe place to grow?” Then consider joining us. We are having fun, losing weight, Gods way. We eat healthy and exercise. We pray, we hold each other accountable and we are learning to love ourselves right where we are. If you are ready to let God heal the deepest parts of your heart, have some fun and get your life back in order, WHILE getting your body into alignment with the word of God, then YOU NEED US!!. Reach out, let me know by commenting below and I will send you the information.

It is a Secret Group done through Facebook. So if you are interested, please send me a friend request and message me telling me you found me on my blog!

We would love to lock arms with you and help you see your dreams come true!

Because together we are stronger!

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