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February 2018


As a Personal Trainer and Health Conscious person I take a lot of time in doing research on the supplements I put in my body. Because I know how important it is. I know that just because a food or supplement is labeled as “healthy” does not mean it is.

I want to share an incredible supplement that I have started taking that has helped me tremendously, from having leaky gut, and IBS and being diagnosed with this gnarly thing called SIBO, my Gut was a toxic mess!

But I started taking a product called colostrum.
-Colostrum is the (pre milk) fluid produced by all mammal mothers for the first few days after giving birth. Its very different from actual breast milk. (don’t get grossed out….keep reading:)
-Colostrum is the SUPER GREAT STUFF before the breast milk.
-Pure Colostrum is a potent Super food created by God, but harvested by man that has so many amazing benefits, including but not limited to;

IMMUNE BOOSTERS -It has, (IgA, IgF, and IgM, enzymes, growth factors, peptitdes, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.)
So basically, its your first line of defense against sickness and disease!

Bovine Colostrum is loaded with over 95 Immune factors and 87 growth factors. That means its super good for you and has many of the things your body needs to heal itself, naturally. Bovine colostrum is 99% identical to human colostrum but with far more benefits.

-It can help reduce inflammatory pain
-It can help boost your immune system
-Increase Energy and stamina
-Help restore a healthy gut
-Help lower blood sugar levels,
-Help lower cholesterol
-Help Auto Immune diseases
-Aids the digestive system
-Help you lose weight
-Enhance nutrient absorption
-Build lean muscle.

Its also a great natural anti depressant as it helps regulate the seratonin and dopamine levels, the brains (feel good) chemicals.

So really the question is WHY haven t you tried it yet??:)
But don’t take my word for it! Do your own research on colostrum and then come back so we can talk:)

Seriously friends, I care about people and I finally found something that is helping me any my family get well! I want everyone to feel better, cause lets be honest, not feeling good is horrible.

You’ve prayed and asked for healing, God created Colostrum. Man found a way to harvest it. What IF this is what you have been praying for??
I would love to help you Feel better! Please reach out for more information. Its your TIME for healing.
*btw. It’s dairy free and can be taken with any medications as it is classified as a food:)
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Are you divinely discontent? Do you feel restless with anticipation of what’s to come? Do you feel change coming, even though nothing has changed in the natural?
Don’t worry, You’re not crazy!

Beginning in March you are going to see incredible acceleration.

God is moving and preparing blueprints for His people. Don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. You are restless for a reason. You were not made to settle. But to come up higher!

Some of you will experience a spiritual upgrade. Some of you will take up new territory in the spirit, while some of you will be relocated to a new physical territory.

You have outgrown your environment and it’s time to move forward in the New things God has. Trust Him as He leads. Anything new He gives you will supercede anything you leave behind.
Question is; “Are you willing to let go of the familiar, in order to receive the New God is calling you into?”

*It’s time to launch out. Your not crazy. It’s simply, that your soul knows when it’s onto something.
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There is a Rise of New Generals coming on the scene. We honor those who have gone before us, who have paved the way and are still doing mighty things, like Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce etc.

But the Lord told me that there were Next Generation Generals coming on the scene, this season, who will honor our past and our future. Those who will stand in unity and strength and walk along side of those who are still here.

They will not seek platforms, but Gods presence. They will usher in unity within the body, they will speak revelatory things and be wise beyond their years. They will shift heaven and earth with their words of faith. They will walk in signs, miracles and wonders and great humility.

They will be all about the Fathers business.

You will know them by their LOVE their love of Jesus and Gods people. They will stand out, they will be different, they will march to a beat of a different drum and they will not conform! They will be BOLD and SHIFT the MEDIA like never before.

They are the NEW BREED of Leaders who will walk in GREAT LOVE and STRENGTH.
#nextgenerationleaders #newgenerals #born2inspire

Roar and Soar in 2018.

As I was writing a post for my mentoring group last night, I heard the words, “Roar and Soar.” Immediately God begin to give me a download.

Friends, we are in an incredible season of acceleration, I have seen things in my own life. But this season is not a season to SIT on a word. But rather to collaborate with Heaven, to manifest the promises in the natural. That is going to require action on your part. In order to SEE acceleration in your life, you must put your faith into action. You must begin to act in obedience to whatever God has spoken to you. You must create movement in your life.
“Faith without works is dead.” James 2:14-26

This season is drawing the hidden ones out of hiding, out of the shadows. God is revealing His people who have been tried by fire. Who have been tested and found pure at heart. The enemy has tried to steal their voice, to accuse them, to berate them, to disillusion them.

But God has placed a Roar in them. They are getting their voice back. They are getting their sound back. They shall open their mouth and out shall flow the love and words of the living God. These freed men and women will no longer be silent, they will no longer hold back. The Roar within them is too loud, too deep and too powerful to be silenced, for it will be released for all of heaven and earth to hear.

No longer shall they be quite, no longer shall they be still, no longer shall they conform, for they know they have been transformed, they now, know to whom the belong, and they shall no longer be contained. These hidden ones will also soar. They have been given new sight and new vision. They shall see both, high above the clouds and into the lowest, darkest shadows. Nothing shall be hidden from them. They shall Soar high and speak deep things, mysteries, wonders and incredible revelation shall Roar from these, “Seers,” these hidden ones.

“It is time, it is time, it is time.” says the Lord, “to come out of hiding. It is time to Soar high and it is time to release the Roar that I have placed within you. Nothing shall hold you back any no longer, there shall be no more delays.” declares the Lord. “Get ready to Roar and Soar for I am with you and I desire to release a new sound into the earth, and a new sound in you!”
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Season Of Promotion.

I have something cool I wanted to share. Today I was trying to figure out what I was going to

wear to a Conference on Saturday..

Cause you know how us girls are! I didn’t want to try on 10 things that day and get frustrated. SO….I picked out an outfit, including jewelry. As I laid it out on my bed, Black Dickies black fitted button up, with yellow tank top under and red accessories! I love red and yellow together. And for fun, my red chucks. Cause I want to look nice, be comfy and feel fun!
Trust me, it looked cuter than it sounds;)

Anyway, as I laid it out I thought to myself, “I look like I am going for an interview.” But immediately, I heard in my spirit, “Your going for a Promotion.”

I was floored! I began to pray and God told me to prepare myself for the Upgrade, the favor and Promotion in this New Season. As I continued to pray I felt that it was a corporate word.

God has been telling us to “get ready, prepare yourself.”
We are in a season where we are being Promoted for past seasons faithfulness. We fail to remember that God SEES everything all the time. So every time you have been faithful, prayed, gave, fasted, helped, served, loved, was wounded, rejected, cursed, cried. God saw it! God counts it all. Nothing is hidden from God. So although we may feel overlooked. God SEES and knows all, what we do in public AND in secret.

So I want to encourage you that as you begin to prepare for this new season, that you remember that nothing has been missed. If you have been faithful, than EXPECT to be Promoted! Because God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6
#born2inspireministries #Godseesall #seasonofpromotion


I can SEE the lives of the people changing around me! I can SEE, hope, life and a shift. As I begin speaking to people about where they are in their life, most are now saying, “I feel like things are changing for the good.”

Friends there has been a SHIFT and God gets the final say in our lives. As we continue to press into God we will SEE the work that He has been doing in our lives and those that we love. This truly is a new season. I pray that your spiritual eyes may be opened so that you too may SEE….the goodness of God in your life.

Never stop praying or believing, for everything will come, in due season.
I speak strength, life and hope into you today!

3 John 1:2
Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering.
#theshift #changeahead #Goodthingshappening #born2inspire

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