Season Of Promotion.

I have something cool I wanted to share. Today I was trying to figure out what I was going to

wear to a Conference on Saturday..

Cause you know how us girls are! I didn’t want to try on 10 things that day and get frustrated. SO….I picked out an outfit, including jewelry. As I laid it out on my bed, Black Dickies black fitted button up, with yellow tank top under and red accessories! I love red and yellow together. And for fun, my red chucks. Cause I want to look nice, be comfy and feel fun!
Trust me, it looked cuter than it sounds;)

Anyway, as I laid it out I thought to myself, “I look like I am going for an interview.” But immediately, I heard in my spirit, “Your going for a Promotion.”

I was floored! I began to pray and God told me to prepare myself for the Upgrade, the favor and Promotion in this New Season. As I continued to pray I felt that it was a corporate word.

God has been telling us to “get ready, prepare yourself.”
We are in a season where we are being Promoted for past seasons faithfulness. We fail to remember that God SEES everything all the time. So every time you have been faithful, prayed, gave, fasted, helped, served, loved, was wounded, rejected, cursed, cried. God saw it! God counts it all. Nothing is hidden from God. So although we may feel overlooked. God SEES and knows all, what we do in public AND in secret.

So I want to encourage you that as you begin to prepare for this new season, that you remember that nothing has been missed. If you have been faithful, than EXPECT to be Promoted! Because God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6
#born2inspireministries #Godseesall #seasonofpromotion

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