Roar and Soar in 2018.

As I was writing a post for my mentoring group last night, I heard the words, “Roar and Soar.” Immediately God begin to give me a download.

Friends, we are in an incredible season of acceleration, I have seen things in my own life. But this season is not a season to SIT on a word. But rather to collaborate with Heaven, to manifest the promises in the natural. That is going to require action on your part. In order to SEE acceleration in your life, you must put your faith into action. You must begin to act in obedience to whatever God has spoken to you. You must create movement in your life.
“Faith without works is dead.” James 2:14-26

This season is drawing the hidden ones out of hiding, out of the shadows. God is revealing His people who have been tried by fire. Who have been tested and found pure at heart. The enemy has tried to steal their voice, to accuse them, to berate them, to disillusion them.

But God has placed a Roar in them. They are getting their voice back. They are getting their sound back. They shall open their mouth and out shall flow the love and words of the living God. These freed men and women will no longer be silent, they will no longer hold back. The Roar within them is too loud, too deep and too powerful to be silenced, for it will be released for all of heaven and earth to hear.

No longer shall they be quite, no longer shall they be still, no longer shall they conform, for they know they have been transformed, they now, know to whom the belong, and they shall no longer be contained. These hidden ones will also soar. They have been given new sight and new vision. They shall see both, high above the clouds and into the lowest, darkest shadows. Nothing shall be hidden from them. They shall Soar high and speak deep things, mysteries, wonders and incredible revelation shall Roar from these, “Seers,” these hidden ones.

“It is time, it is time, it is time.” says the Lord, “to come out of hiding. It is time to Soar high and it is time to release the Roar that I have placed within you. Nothing shall hold you back any no longer, there shall be no more delays.” declares the Lord. “Get ready to Roar and Soar for I am with you and I desire to release a new sound into the earth, and a new sound in you!”
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