Last night I had 2 interesting dreams. In one of them my friend and I were talking outside on a beautiful patio. She mentioned she had some “New Wine” she wanted me to try. I went to this stand outside and poured some wine. It was the best wine I had ever had.
I found myself going back to this stand multiple times, so I could taste this new wine. It was both delicious and strong. It didn’t take much and I was drunk. I was so drunk and so full of joy. I couldn’t stop laughing and talking about how great this “New Wine was.”
End of dream.

Second dream. I was with my dad and I remember I had some keys in my hand. I felt like I didn’t need the keys anymore except for one. So I took the one key off and threw the rest away. Someone then asked me if I had “The keys” I told them,”no I don’t need them, they don’t fit anything.” This person got upset and started making me feel bad. So I ran to my dad upset, feeling like I had done something wrong. I explained the situation, he very gently replied, “sweetheart, those are old keys, we moved, they won’t fit anything now.”

I’m no gifted dream interpreter but those are pretty cut and dry.:) However, upon waking I did pray into them.

God clearly said, “This is a season of NEW…nothing from the past will work in this season. I am giving my body new wine, and it is so strong it will take less to fill them and it will give them great joy. For this is a season of, Great Joy and celebration for my children.”

I then asked about the keys, because in my dream I was upset that I had thrown them away. I asked what was the one key I kept, He said, “it represents wisdom, ”
God then said, “Regarding the other keys, do not cry over what was, prepare your heart for the new. Do not listen to the enemy who will try and Keep you in the past behind the wrong doors. I have new doors, new opportunities, new assignments. New mandates and they all require New keys to enter. The old keys will no longer work, and because I have moved they will not fit. I am giving my children new keys, for the new things.”

Friends it’s time, for the NEW!
NEW KEYS & NEW WINE!! Let us rejoice today as we celebrate March 1, 2018. A season of NEW beginnings with new wine and new keys!
#dreams #newwine #newkeys #newseason #propheticword #born2inspire #born2inspireministries

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