Take off your Orphan Cloak and Put on your Robe of Righteousness.

We have a Generation of Believers who are loved starved sons and daughters. They carry an Orphan spirit, and are constantly looking for a “Spiritual Mother or Father”.

Their need to be approved of, accepted and belonging has caused them to align with “Superstar” Apostles and Prophets. Somehow, giving them the false impression that they will have access to them, be more respected or popular. While there is nothing wrong with aligning with influential leaders, there is something seriously wrong when we do it for the wrong reasons.

If ever we feel that we need to be connected to people of influence, so that it makes us appear more spiritual or respected, than we have missed the point altogether, and need to do a heart check.

God does not want us to make anything in our lives an idol, including people. When we feel the need to seek out people more than God, we grieve His heart. He wants us to come to HIM first and let Him align us with the right people who can speak into our lives.

While it is great to listen to influential leaders, a spiritual mother or father should be someone who can speak personally into your life. Someone who knows your name, your family and is invested in your future. Someone who has counted the cost, who prays for you and with you and wont let you stay the way you are. And someone who will not abandon you at the first sign of trouble.

There are so many of us, still looking for that “person,” But can I encourage you to seek God first and learn to take off that Orphan Cloak and ACCEPT your Robe of Righteousness as a Child of God. God approves you, God accepts you, God loves you, God is for you and He will NEVER leave you. Let us not get so caught up in the acceptance of man, that we never come to the place of knowing that we have Sonship with the Father!
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