Presence over Purpose.

When you truly know who you are and what God thinks about you. What the world thinks doesn’t matter. Whether good or bad. The likes, the comments, the followers. It doesn’t matter.

Whether you have 10k followers or 10. Your value does not change with God.

I see so many people striving for respect, acceptance, approval, social media popularity. Some have acquired it, some are still striving.

In the end it doesn’t matter.
God loves us all.

Many of us have gotten so busy with the work of God, that we are too busy to be WITH God.

It’s easy to make ministry an idol. So, we should all becareful.

God never intended for us to be too busy with good things that we miss out on the best things. His Presence.

Let us not sacrifice His Presence for the pursuit of purpose. Because it will be in vain.

You see, your true purpose is simply to love and be loved by Him, and that is found in His presence. God created you for relationship. And out of that relationship, we minister from the overflow.

But when you stop spending time with Him, there is no overflow, in fact you will find yourself weary, exhausted and overwhelmed by lifes expectations of you.

Can I encourage you today, that if you are feeling this way, stop being Martha and learn to sit like Mary. You’ll make a greater impact running on overflow, rather than striving in your own strength.

Friends, let us never forget to always pursue Presence over Purpose.
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