Its Time For The New; That’s Customized To You!

These Running shoes were my absolute favorite. I ran/jogged/walked in them for nearly 4 years and logged thousands of miles. I loved them so much, the colors, the fit, the style. They suited me. They were a perfect fit. But they were not the only ones, many people have these same shoes.

As I went to put them on recently, I noticed that they seemed more worn than usual and didn’t quite have the same fit as they once had. I was sad, but I put them on anyway and went for my run.

I had a great run, but while out, God began to speak to me about wearing shoes that no longer fit properly. He spoke to my heart and reminded me I was in a new season, and a new season required letting go of the old and embracing the new. I was okay with that…I thought it was a perfectly good reason to upgrade and get new shoes. So I went online and looked for the same style and color. I wanted those same shoes, but new. To my surprise, those shoes were discontinued! Now, I could get similar shoes, but not THOSE shoes.

I then felt as if it wasn’t meant for me to have those same shoes. If God truly is doing something new in this season, than I should stop trying to hang on to things that are familiar and look for the NEW. So I went back online and to my surprise I was able to find a pair that were CUSTOM made just for me! I was able to pick the style and every color, from the sole to the laces as well as creating my own ID on them.(Born2Inspire)

I had so much fun designing my brand new shoes! I created them and they were customized to me. No one else will have these same exact shoes!
God reminded me that in this season, He wants us to be willing to let go of the familiar. He wants us to let go of the old things and get ready for the new. But not just something that’s familiar, but He wants to prepare you for a custom fit! A custom design, something that is so uniquely you, no one else will have it!

Friends, this truly is a new season to release the old and to trust God for whats next. It may not look like what you want it to, but God always knows best. Let Him surprise you with something so creative, that when you receive it, there is never any doubt who it belongs to!

Its time for an upgrade! Are you ready to release the familiar, for something Customized just for you? Don’t be afraid of change, God is always with you!
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6
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