Stay Sensitive To The Spirit.

Things are really starting to pick up in the spirit. And God is speaking differently to us, than in past seasons. We have talked about this recently, how we shouldnt get used to expecting God to speak in only one certain way.

I have found that God is giving me little words, or phrases that literally float down in front of me, like the dream I had recently, that said, “its time to refocus.” Or more recently last night, I heard a doorbell. It only rang once. Followed by hearing these words. ” You will be on a stage in 8 months.”

Be sensitive to the spirit even throughout the day as God may use, key phrases, T.V Commercials, a billboard or a license plate to speak to you..
Number sequence have been a big one for me.

Last week while on a run I found a key on the ground that said “Axxess” on it. He is leaving clues everywhere. He is leaving puzzle pieces, that when put together are bringing everything together.

So how do you know when its God? These things should be confirming what you know God is already saying to you. We need to stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and keep our minds and spiritual eyes open at all times.
#staysensitivetotheholyspirit #encouragement #Godspeaks #wisdom #born2inspire

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