Where Are The Hands And Feet of Jesus?

Recently I was out shopping, I was busy and in a hurry. But this day was different. As I came out of one of the stores and began walking to my vehicle, it was as if time began to slow down and I suddenly became very aware of everyone around me. I started walking slower and made it a point to make eye contact with every person who would look at me. I wondered, “are they a believer?” It was like I was in a movie, taking every second in.

All of a sudden my spirit became so grieved. I felt heavy and such deep sadness came over me. I walked to my vehicle, put my things away and just sat there, trying to figure out what just happened. I asked the Lord, “what was that about?” As I began to ponder that encounter, I felt as if the Lord was saying, “where are my hands and feet?” I then began to think about all the places I had been on that day and any other given day. How many times had I seen someone prophesying over another person in a store or on the sidewalk? How many times had someone ever approached me and offered me an encouraging word, or prophesied over me? How many times had I witnessed a healing on a street corner? Truth is, I am out and about often and have never had anyone approach me, or have I seen anyone laying hands on them for healing. Does this mean it never happens? Of course not. I have seen people praying for one another a few times throughout my life.

However, I can get on social media on any given day and someone will be willing to give a word or offer to pray for someone’s’ healing. I see these acts on social media, I see them in church meetings and conferences. But my concern is this…if we being a prophetic people, a gifted people who claim to love Jesus and want to be used by God, why isn’t it normal to see believers reaching out in our daily lives??

Why are we not walking in the spirit when we go to the grocery store? The coffee shop? The nail salon? The gym? wherever it is that we go? Why are we not healing, ministering, evangelizing our communities? Why are we only comfortable doing it in church settings. We seem especially gifted when there is a crowd, likes, or people are watching us.

It grieved my heart that day and I know it grieves God’s heart, that’s why I had such a heavy burden. Friends, if we truly want to be used by God then we need to step out and start being the hands and feet of Jesus. Its not about how we feel. If we are dead and Christ lives in us, our feelings don’t matter. We should be walking in the spirit at ALL times, now just when we are at a church meeting or on social media.
Its time to step out of the box and hit the streets with the Love and power of Jesus. The Father is asking you??
Will you be my hands and feet?
Isaiah 61:1-2
#handsandfeetofJesus #evangelism #getoutofthebox #timetoreaptheharvest #getoutthere #useyourgiftseverywhere #born2inspire

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