The Lord has been speaking to me about, Refocusing, Priorities, Preparation and Position. This has been a very, “weird” few months The warfare for me has lessened as I don’t feel like I am laboring for everything. However, I feel like just as I gain some ground and regain some strength and hope, the enemy comes in with distractions and confusion.

The Lord spoke to me in May and told me “Its time to refocus.”I felt that was a word for all of us. He also started speaking to me about His time and the New Year beginning In August and what we must do to position ourselves for this next move of God.

Now is a time to clear your calendars and make room for the new God wants to do. This is a time when your priorities need to shift, as God is wanting to prepare you for the coming months. You may need to lay some things down temporarily, to be able to refocus and position yourself. Ask God what He is wanting you to refocus on in July. Where should your priorities and your focus be in this coming month.

This is a month where you need to begin to prepare yourself. This is a time to Fast, and Pray, take Communion and Lay on your face in humility to position yourself for what God wants to do over the next few months. MAKE TIME FOR HIM. You will find as you do, that the Heavens will be open and you will not have to contend like previous seasons to enter the courts of heaven. Strategies and Blueprints are being released as well as a renewed hope and JOY!! God is near and His presence tangible.

The Lord is asking us to partner with Him to release joy into the atmosphere. I have been in places where someone released Joy over people, and laughter began to break out all over the room. Begin speaking JOY into your environment and watch as it shifts the atmosphere. Joy also brings inward contentment and peace.

My friends, God is NO DOUBT moving mightily and we are going to see some life altering things take place over the next few months. Some things are going to be painful but necessary to reach our destinies. If we want to be able to handle the elevation for this new season then we must be willing to prepare ourselves and position ourselves for what God has spoken over us. We must be willing to let go and release people, places and things with peace.

WARNING: How you exit this next month (July) is going to prove to be a blessing or a curse. How you exit one season, will determine how you enter another. So do everything you can, to end the month the best way you possibly can, so that it does not delay your destiny.

The next few months are going to prove to be an incredible new adventure for many, who have prepared themselves. Many people will finds themselves occupying new lands, both physical and spiritual. God is making room for you, so make sure that you are Prepared and Positioned for the New God is bringing!! Watch as you partner with God to release, Joy into the atmosphere. You will see genuine laughter, joy, and hope renewed in believers and non believers alike, all over the world. The media will capture it!! And you will see your declarations in action!!
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