I wanted to remind you that God is fighting on your behalf. He has dispatched Angels to go before you. They have encamped around you. You are not alone. The enemy has been exposed and he must repay everything that he stole. Proverbs 6:31

We often think of, “things” when we think of things stolen. However lets be reminded that the enemy steals, hope, joy dreams, and time!!

He uses time as a distraction, he feeds our hope with disbelief, he feeds our joy with worry and he steals our dreams. Convincing us that God does not love us and that He is not faithful to keep His promises.

When in fact the word tells us that satan is the father of lies John 8:44.
The word also tells us that God cannot lie. Number 23:19

So if both of these scriptures are true than we must conclude that Jeremiah 29:11 is also true! And Roman 8:28 concludes, that everything we are going through is already working itself out for our good.

So what am I really saying? God loves you. His angels will guard you Psalms 91:11. That everything is working itself out for your good and the devil is a liar!! God has given us all a future and a hope and its not just for when we get to heaven. But it is meant for here and now!! So do not lose hope, despite what it may look like in the natural. I love you all. I bless you and hope you have an incredible day!

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