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August 2018


The enemy has spoken so many lies to you. He has oppressed you and left you with hopelessness. He has stolen your voice and kept you bound, paralyzed by fear and unable to move. The Lord says, “NO MORE!!!”

Recently I had a dream where I was bound to a chair, unable to move and all these evil spirits were swirling around me, I tried to say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” But it would barely come out.

Today in the spirit I saw, that same image of a person sitting in a chair and the dark spirits swirling around, laughing and mocking. I then saw, the person begin to get angry, and as they did they were moving violently in the chair. It was like in the movies when someone is tied down and they suddenly BURST OUT of their straps that have them bound.

As I watched this person breaking free, I heard a rumble in the spirit and a LOUD ROAR come out of this person. As they begin to Roar, a light filled the entire room and every evil spirit immediately vanished!

This person, had broken completely free!!!

I am here to tell you right now that it is time to shake yourself loose!! It is time to BUST OUT of those straps that have you bound. It is time to LET OUT YOUR ROAR!! And dispel the darkness that has you surrounded.

I Don’t care what it looks like, you need to get angry at the enemy and begin shaking, roaring, moving!! God has given you the power to break free. He will fill you with strength. This is a time to stop sitting down and staying quiet, when the Lord has called you to MOVE and ROAR your way into FREEDOM!!

Shout of His goodness, begin to declare the Glory of the Lord!
He is with you, ready to dispel all the darkness around you!
Watch as God begins to act on your behalf and use your ROAR to set others free.
2Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
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I Will No Longer Be Silenced!πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’

I have been in a terribly hard season. One with constant spiritual warfare, it is like nothing I have ever experienced.

I have had demons come into my room. I have had them try and suffocate me. And lay on me like a heavy wet blanket!

I have had so many warfare dreams. The last one I had was late last month where I was bound to a chair and all these evil spirits were swirling around me and I lifted my head to cry out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” and I could barely get it out!

I have had many encounters like this before, but never quite this intense. When I get out of my region, I feel it lift.

The difference this time, is where once I was terrified of demons when they came into my room, I am no longer afraid! The last time it happened, I woke up and felt it there and saw a dark shadow. I had NO fear. I asked Holy Spirit what to do and He replied, “Pray to protect yourself while you sleep.” So I did, and fell right back to sleep.

You see, the enemy thought he had me beat, he thought he could scare me into submission. He thought he could taunt me and get away with it. The spirit of Jezebel has been relentless.

But what he doesn’t realize is that I am not the young naΓ―ve Christian I once was!!


This mighty woman has grown up and I have learned to put on my armor and use my weapons. I have learned to battle, and to find joy even in my pain. I have learned how to discern the atmosphere and change it!

I will worship, I will pray, I will continue to stand when that’s all I can do.

When the lies are spoken and the words hurt.
I will stand.
When I am completely misunderstood.
I will stand
When all hell breaks loose and I feel cornered.
I will stand.
When my heart is breaking and mistreated.
I will stand.

I will share and encourage and be Gods Ambassador for the lonely, lost and forgotten. I WILL BE HIS VOICE!!
Watch as my life becomes a beacon of hope for those who have lost the will to stand & speak.
#watchandsee #Godisgood #Iwillnotbesilenced #Iwillstand #hopegiver #born2inspire #wewin #spirtualwarfare

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