Laying Down Your Issac-

Today, I sense the Lord asking you to lay down your, “Issac” What is it that God has asked you to release that you are still desperately clinging to?

Tomorrow at Sundown we enter the Jewish New Year 5779. Its a season of New Beginnings. I treat Rosh Hashana like I would if it were Jan 1st.

God so desperately wants to give the very best of what He has. But if you choose to cling to the past, if you choose to hold onto the very thing that God has asked you to trust Him with, you will find your self STUCK…yet again.

If you are tired of being stuck, then stop going around the same mountain again and again. Aren’t you tired?? Aren’t you frustrated? Of course you are, and many have asked, “How do I get unstuck?”

Be willing to TRUST…be willing to LET GO…..Be willing to repent for going your own way in the flesh. God is such a good Father and He would never ask us to do anything, unless He had a plan for it.

My friends, time is of the essence, do not delay anymore. I don’t want to see you stuck and missing out on the Best God has for you out of fear of the unknown!

Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you and I ask that you help my friends, trust you, help them to know what to let go of and what to keep. Help them to navigate this most incredible season. Father, give them the strength they need to make the hard decisions. Remind them that you love them and that your plan is good. Amen.

Today I speak, LIFE, HOPE and STRENGTH into you today. I release a fresh fire over your life and into your belly. I decree that you will fulfill the promises that God has for your life, I decree that you will walk in boldness and strength and make those hard decisions necessary to live your very best life. This is YOUR SEASON of Advancement, but promotion ALWAYS requires a sacrifice. If you want to know what your Issac is worth, read what God gave Abraham Gen 22:17-18

#newseason #letgo #newyear #donotdelay #putyourisaaconthealter #prophetichope #born2inspire

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