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November 2018

It’s Not Over Yet!

Oh, my friends who are weary, broken and barely breathing. Let those who have ears, let them hear!!

We are in the miracle season! I prophesy miracles over your life.

I speak LIFE into you today. I prophesy life over and into you. I speak to those dry bones and I declare you shall live and not die!

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
(Isaiah 54:7)

It’s time to get up, dust yourself off! The devil is a liar. He nearly killed you, he nearly had you beat.But I am here to declare victory and life over you!!

You have some fight left in you! It might not be much, but it’s all you need as God does the rest!

It’s not over yet!

Get up!! Stand up!! Its time to rise up. You’re not out yet. You’re not done.
I know you’re tired. I know you’re sick. I know they hurt you.

But I am here to speak life back into you!! I am here to declare healing over your mind, body, spirit.
I am here to remind you, that you ARE a fighter. Let your worship be your weapon. RISE UP & FIGHT BACK!!

You are a warrior, you got one more round left in you! Come up swinging!Dont quit. The best is yet to come. Your best days are ahead of you..NOT BEHIND YOU!

I release healing, hope and faith into you right now in Jesus name!
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#prayer #healing #riseup #fightback

When God is Silent, You Should Be Resting.

My friends, I wanted to encourage those of you who feel as if God is silent at the moment. I know what that feels like, and it can leave you feeling confused, maybe like you missed it, or just frustrated because you dont know what God is doing.

One of the big ways that God communicates to me is through dreams. So If I stop dreaming, I start to feel lost, out of place and sometimes like God is upset with me. (That’s just the enemy) But I have learned, not to depend on dreams for all my communication.

I have also learned that when God is silent, it is not because I missed it or did anything wrong. (Although I have many times:) Its actually my rest season. The season where God doesnt want me to do anything but rest in Him. He knows that if He started speaking to me in dreams regularly, giving me glimpses of future assignments, I would be like Martha and want to get busy.

I am a doer by nature, and very creative, so when God starts speaking, my mind gets busy with how to do it. Rest seasons are always hard for people who like to stay busy. But they are so critical to your growth and avoiding burnout. Its always a time when God refreshes you, to prepare you for the busy season.

Many of you find yourself in this same place, where you feel like you missed it, where you ask God, “are you disappointed in me? Did I miss it? What are you doing?” This is such a vulnerable place to be. But it is exactly where God wants you. He knows what is ahead, He knows what He is doing and without this resting season, or (waiting) season, you would probably get ahead of Him. So be encouraged in knowing, if you find yourself in this resting season, “you have NOT missed it, you can still hear from God, and He is not mad at you.”

Do what He says and REST….it doesn’t mean we stop everything, unless He tells you to. It usually just means, prioritize your life, refocus and limit what you are doing. Only do the essentials and wait for Him for the big assignments and other doors to open. God is faithful and He knows what He is doing! Just like the winter time, now is a time to let your roots go deep and reserve your energy for the new life that will spring forth soon enough! Be blessed my friends, you are right on track.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
#hope #encouragement #seasonofrest #born2inspire

Reflection Of His Beauty.

As I was getting ready this morning, the Lord spoke to my heart in such a tender way and I wanted to encourage you with His love for you today.

I have a compact mirror that I use when putting my makeup on. Its a double mirror. The top mirror is a normal one that has the words, “God thinks I’m Beautiful,” on the bottom it is a magnifying mirror. I was putting my mascara on when I noticed that the magnified mirror was smudged from my makeup covered fingers. It was dirty and did not reflect my face well. I was in a hurry, so I looked up to use the regular mirror, as it was nice and clean. As I did, I read the words, “God thinks I’m beautiful.”

I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said, “Gypsy, I think you are beautiful. I want you to see yourself the way I see you. When you look at yourself, you often magnify your blemishes and sin. Much like that mirror, that is dirty. You see yourself through a dirty lens.

But I see you as pure, without any blemishes. I want to give you my eyes, to see as I see, for you are a reflection of my beauty.”

I immediately welled up with tears as I not only heard His words, but I felt His love for me. I love when God speaks to me through simple things. I want to encourage you today, and remind you that God loves you and thinks you are beautiful. He sees you, without sin. No matter what you have done or how dirty you see yourself. I pray that today, God would give you His eyes, so that you will begin to see yourself the way that He sees you. Lord, give us your eyes to see ourselves the way you do, and help us to remember that we are a reflection of your beauty.
“For we are Gods masterpiece.”-Ephesians 2:10
#hope #encouragement #reflection #Godsbeauty #nosintoogreat #born2inspire

Don’t Be a Kitchen Sponge.

I love when God begins to speak in such a simple way and how He uses the most peculiar things to get my attention.

God began speaking to me about things that we hold onto that become stinky and toxic. I was reminded of a kitchen sponge. A kitchen sponge is meant to hold and release water. Have you ever let a water filled sponge sit on your sink overnight? What happens? It becomes stagnant and it sours. Its not very pleasant smelling. In fact it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

We can easily become just like that sponge! When we allow the cares of the world to fill us up, yet we are not willing to release those same cares to the Lord, it wont be long and we will become toxic and sour! We cannot receive, joy, peace and hope into our worlds, if we are so full of only the things that have hurt us. Friends, I know life is hard. I know people have hurt you, you have been disappointed, rejected, abandoned and left for dead.

But the Lord wants you to know that, He is with you. He has not abandoned you, Deut 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

He wants you to know that in this season, that He is speaking and while you may feel He is silent and far from you. The Word says, Psalm 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

While they enemy has tried to convince you that you have, “missed it” somehow. The Lord wants you to know that you are EXACTLY where He wants you. He laughs at the enemy, when the enemy thinks he has defeated His people. He is not a God who can be mocked. YOUR PROMISE shall come to pass. But you must be willing to let go of the hurt, the pain, the disappointment, the bitterness. Don’t become toxic, by holding onto everything, when the Lord is asking you to release it to Him. Forgiveness of others AND yourself is the key to your breakthrough.

Father, please help us today.
Help us to release our pain and disappointments to you. Help us to forgive others who have wronged us, and help us to forgive ourselves. Help us to trust you and to release all our cares into your hands today. We want your promises and we know that you are faithful. So thank you, for loving us and giving us grace to do the hard things in life. Amen.
#forgiveness #dontgetbitter #release #prayer #encouragement #hope #born2inspire


There was a time in my life when I needed W.I.C. to help buy food. I needed assistance to help pay my light bill. I have pushed my car into the gas station. I have had to put a garbage bag over my head to keep from getting rained on, when I had a leak in the roof of my car. I have been without heat in the winter and hot water. I went without, so my kids could eat. I have had to endure some hard times. BUT GOD…

He got me through every single thing. I trusted Him for more.
Now, I am taken care of. Provided for, I have a nice home, nice cars. I am a business owner with a successful health supplement business.

I am not bragging on me but rather, “MY GOD”. (Where you are is not your final destination)

Recently, I was praying about a situation and God told me, “it takes the same amount of faith to believe me for $100 as it does $1000”

He reminded me of all the times I struggled and believed for a gallon of milk. He reminded me that He provided. He reminded me that we believe for small things, but don’t trust Him enough for bigger things.

He said, “my people are asking for just enough milk money and I want them to ask me for buisnesses, properties, territories and land, I desire for them to prosper. Am I not the God who owns it all?”

Friends, God wants you to prosper and as you learn to steward what you have, He will bring increase.
Maybe all you have today, is a gallon of milk faith, but God wants to take that faith and give you more,”than just enough”

Will you believe Him for it?
#faithtobelieve #Godwillblessyou#stewardwhatyouhave #morethanenough #born2inspire

Restoring & Co-Laboring

God DOES want to restore your relationships, health and finances. But you should not sit around expecting God to do it all for you. We must co-labor with that promise and do our part.

I see so many people get excited when a Word is released about these subjects, yet fail to take action and be proactive with the Word. I see people miss opportunities all the time, regarding health and finances, because it requires sacrifice.

If you desire restoration in relationships, than nurture the ones you have and never stop praying for them, but trust God for the healing and His timing

If you desire restoration in your body, start doing what you can do, even if it is small. Take better care of yourself. Look for people who have overcome what you are enduring, learn what they did to get healthier. God will connect you with them, when you ask.

If you desire restoration in your finances, make a budget, stop overspending and don’t look past opportunities to make money, because it doesn’t look like what you think it should. (Think outside the box)

God will restore you, He desires to restore you. But you wont magically wake up one day and it be done. It will require faith, prayer and sacrifice. God WILL do His part, but please do not be naive. You must do yours as well.
#wisdom #restoration #sacrifice #prayer #discipline #dontmissanopportunity #thinkoutsodethebox #doyourpart #health #finances #relationships

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