There was a time in my life when I needed W.I.C. to help buy food. I needed assistance to help pay my light bill. I have pushed my car into the gas station. I have had to put a garbage bag over my head to keep from getting rained on, when I had a leak in the roof of my car. I have been without heat in the winter and hot water. I went without, so my kids could eat. I have had to endure some hard times. BUT GOD…

He got me through every single thing. I trusted Him for more.
Now, I am taken care of. Provided for, I have a nice home, nice cars. I am a business owner with a successful health supplement business.

I am not bragging on me but rather, “MY GOD”. (Where you are is not your final destination)

Recently, I was praying about a situation and God told me, “it takes the same amount of faith to believe me for $100 as it does $1000”

He reminded me of all the times I struggled and believed for a gallon of milk. He reminded me that He provided. He reminded me that we believe for small things, but don’t trust Him enough for bigger things.

He said, “my people are asking for just enough milk money and I want them to ask me for buisnesses, properties, territories and land, I desire for them to prosper. Am I not the God who owns it all?”

Friends, God wants you to prosper and as you learn to steward what you have, He will bring increase.
Maybe all you have today, is a gallon of milk faith, but God wants to take that faith and give you more,”than just enough”

Will you believe Him for it?
#faithtobelieve #Godwillblessyou#stewardwhatyouhave #morethanenough #born2inspire

2 Comments on “GALLON OF MILK FAITH.

  1. Please pray for me. God knows my needs. Thank you. 
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