Restoring & Co-Laboring

God DOES want to restore your relationships, health and finances. But you should not sit around expecting God to do it all for you. We must co-labor with that promise and do our part.

I see so many people get excited when a Word is released about these subjects, yet fail to take action and be proactive with the Word. I see people miss opportunities all the time, regarding health and finances, because it requires sacrifice.

If you desire restoration in relationships, than nurture the ones you have and never stop praying for them, but trust God for the healing and His timing

If you desire restoration in your body, start doing what you can do, even if it is small. Take better care of yourself. Look for people who have overcome what you are enduring, learn what they did to get healthier. God will connect you with them, when you ask.

If you desire restoration in your finances, make a budget, stop overspending and don’t look past opportunities to make money, because it doesn’t look like what you think it should. (Think outside the box)

God will restore you, He desires to restore you. But you wont magically wake up one day and it be done. It will require faith, prayer and sacrifice. God WILL do His part, but please do not be naive. You must do yours as well.
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