When God is Silent, You Should Be Resting.

My friends, I wanted to encourage those of you who feel as if God is silent at the moment. I know what that feels like, and it can leave you feeling confused, maybe like you missed it, or just frustrated because you dont know what God is doing.

One of the big ways that God communicates to me is through dreams. So If I stop dreaming, I start to feel lost, out of place and sometimes like God is upset with me. (That’s just the enemy) But I have learned, not to depend on dreams for all my communication.

I have also learned that when God is silent, it is not because I missed it or did anything wrong. (Although I have many times:) Its actually my rest season. The season where God doesnt want me to do anything but rest in Him. He knows that if He started speaking to me in dreams regularly, giving me glimpses of future assignments, I would be like Martha and want to get busy.

I am a doer by nature, and very creative, so when God starts speaking, my mind gets busy with how to do it. Rest seasons are always hard for people who like to stay busy. But they are so critical to your growth and avoiding burnout. Its always a time when God refreshes you, to prepare you for the busy season.

Many of you find yourself in this same place, where you feel like you missed it, where you ask God, “are you disappointed in me? Did I miss it? What are you doing?” This is such a vulnerable place to be. But it is exactly where God wants you. He knows what is ahead, He knows what He is doing and without this resting season, or (waiting) season, you would probably get ahead of Him. So be encouraged in knowing, if you find yourself in this resting season, “you have NOT missed it, you can still hear from God, and He is not mad at you.”

Do what He says and REST….it doesn’t mean we stop everything, unless He tells you to. It usually just means, prioritize your life, refocus and limit what you are doing. Only do the essentials and wait for Him for the big assignments and other doors to open. God is faithful and He knows what He is doing! Just like the winter time, now is a time to let your roots go deep and reserve your energy for the new life that will spring forth soon enough! Be blessed my friends, you are right on track.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
#hope #encouragement #seasonofrest #born2inspire


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