It’s Not Over Yet!

Oh, my friends who are weary, broken and barely breathing. Let those who have ears, let them hear!!

We are in the miracle season! I prophesy miracles over your life.

I speak LIFE into you today. I prophesy life over and into you. I speak to those dry bones and I declare you shall live and not die!

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
(Isaiah 54:7)

It’s time to get up, dust yourself off! The devil is a liar. He nearly killed you, he nearly had you beat.But I am here to declare victory and life over you!!

You have some fight left in you! It might not be much, but it’s all you need as God does the rest!

It’s not over yet!

Get up!! Stand up!! Its time to rise up. You’re not out yet. You’re not done.
I know you’re tired. I know you’re sick. I know they hurt you.

But I am here to speak life back into you!! I am here to declare healing over your mind, body, spirit.
I am here to remind you, that you ARE a fighter. Let your worship be your weapon. RISE UP & FIGHT BACK!!

You are a warrior, you got one more round left in you! Come up swinging!Dont quit. The best is yet to come. Your best days are ahead of you..NOT BEHIND YOU!

I release healing, hope and faith into you right now in Jesus name!
#dontquit #prophetic #hope #fighter #worship
#prayer #healing #riseup #fightback

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