🔥How To Know What God Has Planned For Your Life.

Everyone wants to know, “What’s my purpose? What on earth am I here for?”

I have learned through the years that God is faithful with the big things and even the very smallest of things.

Many years ago, I gave Him my everything, I committed to love Him, from this life into the next. I love no other like Him. Not my husband or my children. Because I know that without Him I am nothing.

I have failed Him many times, but He has failed me none. I have learned that anyone can study the Bible, and be a great scholar and know the Words Jesus spoke.

But to truly KNOW Jesus, you must spend time in His presence. You cannot birth the promises of God in your life, by simply reading the Bible alone.

To truly know the heart of God and what He has planned for you, you must spend time with Him. It is in those intimate moments that God whispers the “secret things, the great and mighty things, to your heart.”

When you find yourself bent beneath the pressures of the world and you’re looking for answers, and even the Bible has not revealed them to you.

My friend…. Make time to be in His presence. God wants to encounter you and He wants you to feel His amazing love.

And many of you NEED to feel the love of God at this time in your life.

So, if you have been asking for God to speak to your heart and reveal what He wants you to do……………
I believe God just revealed His heart to you. I pray Blessings and Favor upon you today.
#inhispresence #purpose #revelation #prayer #promise #born2inspire

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