I am very excited to be sharing that I am working on a Born2Inspire line of apparel.

It is the ministry that God birthed through a dream in 2013. It has slowly manifested and I am excited to see what God has planned for it.

It started as a meme I put on my phone after hearing the words, “you are Born2Inspire” in 2013.
1 year later it was a sticker on my vehicle.

In 2015 it became my business name for the fitness studio my husband and I opened.

In 2016 God gave me a dream for a logo. In 2017
I started Born2Inspire mentoring, helped create a tire cover for my jeep, and put the phrase on my first hat.

In 2018 I started a health & wellness business with the name. My husband, just playing around, reworked the logo you see today:)

Also for Christmas, he bought me a box of shirts with my logo on it.😁

My dream is manifesting!


I see👀 apparel, conferences
(think women of faith style) many speakers encouraging men & women.

I see a movement of empowered women, empowering other women, to be healthy, physically, emotionally and spiritually!

I am going to be selling the shirts I have, so I can begin making new ones with more color options for the logo and the shirt itself. The first set was just a trial.☺

If you are interested in getting one of my first designs. Shirts are $20 and that includes shipping. I have many larges left but only a few XL and Med. Shirts are true to size and minimal, if any shrinkage. So first come first serve. 😍

You can send payments to paypal.me/born2inspire.

Message me with any questions:)
Thank you for your support of my ministry, whether through Prayer or Financial. I greatly appreciate you.
#dreamscomingtrue #Godsizedreams #bigdreams #prayer

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