šŸ”„Breaking Up Religious Atmospheres.

This morning while getting dressed, I had an unexpected vision, not like anything I have ever had before.

I saw myself invited to a women’s ministry as the speaker. The room was thick with complacency and just a feeling of, “this is how we do things.” I noticed how all the women seemed to know each other as I observed from the back room. I also sensed no true expectation of a move of God but just another, “encouraging meeting.” When I got up to speak, I felt the room was thick with complacency and routine.
My heart was grieved.

I knew that all these women loved God, but had gotten VERY comfortable with how things were. I began by asking how many had never been there before, a couple ladies in the back raised their hands. I then asked, “of the women here how many come here every month?” Nearly every woman raised their hand. I then asked, “for those of you who come every month, how many of you sit in the same spot with the same people every month?” They all raised their hands.

I then felt the holy spirit on me and I began to ask all the women to move to a different seat. I asked that the new people come to the front and everyone else find another seat. They looked confused at first, so I repeated it. They reluctantly did it. After they were finished moving, I asked how many of them were uncomfortable? Nearly all of them raised their hands. I replied, “Good, God wants to do a work in you.” I then asked, “for those of you that are uncomfortable, how many of you are mad that you had to move?” quite a few of them raised their hands. I replied, “Good, God REALLY wants to do a work in you.”

Their religious routine had be disrupted and the atmosphere shifted!

Now there was a feeling of expectancy, because they didnt know what to expect! It shook them up and God could now move in the meeting.-End of Vision

**I remember thinking, as I saw the frustration on their faces,

“I am not here for you to like me, I am here to set you free.”

It was so vivid and real, I could see all the details and hear all the chatter, and even feel the atmosphere. I begin praying into it and felt very strongly that God is about to do a mighty work in the hearts of those who are stuck in a religious routine and He is going to use many of us to shake up those religious systems!

Many of you will be called into new places just like this and God will use you mightily to change the atmosphere to make room for His presence. These people love God and want a move of God, but they have got so caught up in routine that they don’t know how to break out of it. God is going to use many of you to SHIFT these atmospheres to release the Glory of God in their midst.

Take heed, while most places you enter, you will be received well.

There will still be a few leaders that will be angered by the idea of change. But your purpose was not for them, but rather the ones sitting in the seats listening. There will be an awakening, amongst them and you will have opened the prison doors for these people. They will now be able to move into the things that God has for them!

God is moving and He is asking, “Who will go for me?”
Isaiah 6:8
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