❤Humble Post

As I was reflecting on my gifts, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. I realized something that was very humbling.

At one point a couple years ago, when God opened up new doors for ministry and made room for my gifts, I found myself looking for approval. And in all fairness I thought I had been delivered from it!

I realized I was wanting to be connected to people of whom I thought were more spiritual or well known, so that I might be seen with them.

I found myself looking for acceptance with my writing and thought if I was published by certain ministries, I would be recognized as someone who had a voice in that community.

One day in prayer, as I was asking God to search my heart, he whispered,
“why do you care more about what others think than what I think”–ouch–

It went into a soul searching adventure, where God begin to show me that I was looking for approval and acceptance among man. God reminded me that all things, and people are not as they appear. He also reminded me that it only mattered what HE thought about me. Why wasnt HIS opinion the one I cared the most about?

You see, God has ALREADY approved of me!
(And you!)
Mans acceptance isnt necessary!

I was deeply grieved and humbled by His words of correction. It made me take a step back and truly look at my motives and my heart, with everything I was connected to.

I removed myself from any other ministry, and focused on my own.
I also realized I had put myself in a box!

I had been trying to fit myself into one particular area of my gifting, but God showed me I have many gifts. I wasnt to limit Him by only focusing on one gift He had given me.

Friends, so many times we can limit God by only focusing on one area of gifting. If you are prophetic, you are not only prophetic. If you are a teacher, you are not only a teacher. It applies to every gift.

Search your heart. Make sure you are connected to people and Ministries because you’re supposed to be, not because you want to be seen by man.
And please dont put yourself in a box!

If we dont take correction and humble ourselves. God will do it for us. Friends, it can be a slippery slope.
Keep your heart pure before the Lord. As long as you have HIS approval, no one else, no matter how big will ever matter!
#heartcheck #mansapproval #humbleyourself #transparencypost
#born2inspire #hope

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