Month: August 2019

God Is Restoring The Church

GOD IS RESTORING THE CHURCH❤ I live across the street from this Church. I see it every day, multiple times a day. I recently saw the scaffolding and where they had exposed the damage and new God was speaking prophetically about His Church. To… Continue Reading “God Is Restoring The Church”

God wants you healed!

DID YOU KNOW???? Did you know that Bible Scholars estimated that 2.5 MILLION people came out of Egypt! Did you also know that the Word says in Psalm 105:37 “He also brought them out with Silver and Gold and there was not one feeble… Continue Reading “God wants you healed!”


There’s a common misconception and even incorrect teaching and interpretations of taking Communion. My entire life I always heard, “becareful not to take communion if you have any sin in your heart, because if you take it unworthily you will bring judgement on yourself… Continue Reading “TRUTH AND TEACHING ABOUT COMMUNION🍞🍷”

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