9-9-19 The Ending of a Season & Stepping into the New.๐Ÿ๐Ÿƒ

The number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. We are in an incredible time where we are exiting one season and entering another. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit, we are going from Summer to Fall, on Sept 23. We are also entering the Jewish New Year, on Sept 29. We, are not on this calendar but God is. Every single one of us are exiting a season and entering another. Pay attention to where you are and how you are feeling. Its important to tie up loose ends, get things in order and forgive others.

How you exit a season, determines how you enter another. If you want to move into the fullness God has for you and the new that is coming, its important that you let go of all that is holding you back. Imagine getting ready to board a flight and you have extra baggage, its going to cost you extra to carry it. Often it can cause you to delay your flight if you are not prepared.

Donโ€™t let old mindsets and old baggage keep you from boarding the next flight of transition. Many times, we go around the same mountain again and again, finding ourselves in a vicious cycle. In order to stop this, you must renew your mind and listen to what God is speaking to you, be led by His spirit and not by the flesh. Otherwise you will continue around that mountain until you have learned whatever lesson is needed in your life. If you are struggling with direction or hearing from God, I encourage you to Fast and Pray. Fasting will clear the clutter and allow your spirit to be sensitive to what the Father is speaking.

There are geographical locations for many of you. Do not fight the shift, change can be scary, but it is also necessary for what God wants to do in your life. Many of you are Pioneering something completely different than even you can comprehend at this time. In fact, there are no words for what God is doing, and when others ask, you donโ€™t even know what to tell them. But you know what the Lord has spoken to you. You are going to be led on an incredible journey of faith, do not fear as it may not look like what you expected, His ways are higher than your ways. Just trust that He is leading. Stay close and tucked in and you will not lose sight of the big picture when your flesh questions the reality of what is happening in you and through you.

God is restoring that which was lost in a greater capacity, He is going to leave you in wide eyed wonder as you marvel at what He has done for you. You will look back this time next year in complete awe of where He has brought you to. I have had several dreams where I am in rooms that are too small for me. Imagine Alice in Wonderland. Many of you are in that same place. You have outgrown your environment and God is making wide open spaces for you. Watch and see over the next few weeks how God begins to bring the pieces together in very unexpected ways. Donโ€™t get ready. BE ready. Fast, Pray and wait for your next set of instructions. It wonโ€™t be long now as God is making a way for you.

For the Faithful ones, The season of breakthrough and promotion are truly upon us. He is bringing you into wide open spaces because He is pleased with you.
Psalms 18:19 He brought me out to wide-open spaces;
he pulled me out safe, because he is pleased with me.
#newseason #propheticword #beready #shift #born2inspire #pioneer #hope #relocation

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