Get Your Hope’s Up!

My family is in a transition right now, as many of you are.

We’ve had some exciting opportunities present themselves, but it is in the Lords hands alone.

As I began to weep with tears of joy, I found myself thinking,
“Dont get your Hope’s up.”

This isn’t a small thing, but rather something that would change the entire lives of our family, for the better. In fact I’ve prayed for years, over this opportunity.

The enemy was quick to remind me of the reasons it wasn’t going to happen.

But deep in my spirit I heard, “I am a good Father who loves to give good gifts, get your Hope’s up!”

I felt this was Encouragement for the body.


I know it looks impossible. I know you have no clue HOW it could happen. Maybe like me, you’ve prayed years for it. Only to be left feeling discouraged.

My friends, God is a good Father, who loves to bless His kids! I believe He is telling us now..

“Get your Hope’s up! Believe in me, believe in my promises for your life, what I am doing now, no man on earth and no devil in hell can stop!
I am faithful, I am a promise keeper, nothing can stop what I want to do in your life! So Get your hopes up! I know you’ve been disappointed before, but my ways are higher than your ways. My timing is perfect. But I say now, IT IS TIME, so get your Hope’s up.
Proberbs 13:12
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
But when desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life”
#hopedeferred #getyourhopesup
#Godisspeaking #hopesfulfilled

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