Brace Yourself Its About To Get Good.

🍂There’s a CHANGE in seasons today. As it is in the natural so it is in the spirit.

“Brace Yourself ”

These last 2weeks have felt like a heavy blanket, trying to weigh me down. Feeling almost depressed, heavy, lethargic. I wake up asking God, “what is wrong with me?”

I am very sensitive to the spiritual warfare this time of year. Sept is always a heavy one for me.

Today I woke up feeling the same way. I realized what day it is.

The beginning of a new season. 🍁

With a sigh of relief,
“I said thank you Jesus.”
I then saw, a roller coaster, I could hear it slowly clicking upwards, building momentum and reaching the top. I saw myself overlooking the handles and began to
” brace myself.”

If you’ve ever been on a rollercoaster you know what happens next!

Friends today is that!!
This is not just a ” get your Hope’s up message” but a decree of change, swiftness.

BUT….You MUST be prepared!
You must be ready otherwise, just like a rollercoaster it can leave you feeling, sick and breathless.

This season WILL require stamina and endurance.
You need to start making your health a priority!
If God has told you, you are moving, then start packing by faith. Whatever He’s told you, by faith start acting on it!

You need to be ready when God says “Go.” When He says “move,” you move!
Today is THAT day, the day of suddenlies and change.
The downhill slope will be quick and full of exciting changes!
Amos 9:13-15
**Check out the video I did on my page to follow up this Word**🔥

#propheticword #hope #born2inspire #braceyourself
#seasonchange #downhillslope

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