Drugging The Dreamers


Drugging the Dreamers

Recently I took a sabbatical. It was a much-needed rest from the world and the pressures it contains. During that time, I was able to reflect, regroup and reprioritize my life. I was also in a place of total surrender, laying everything down once again. God began to reveal areas of weakness and things that I thought I had overcome.

As I laid before the Lord, I asked Him why I was no longer dreaming. I heard nothing. Later that night I was getting ready for bed, and took my Melatonin’s as I usually do. In my spirit I heard, “Drugging the Dreamers.” I thought, “what in the world?” I heard it again. I asked the Lord what that meant. He reminded me all throughout scripture where He used dreams, to warn His people, to prepare them, and to give them strategies. I was like, “okay, but what does that have to do with, drugging the dreamers.” My husband then asked me for his melatonin and stated, “I need them, otherwise I will dream all night.”

AHA! The Lord revealed.

I immediately realized that I had not had any dreams in months. For about the same amount of time that I had started taking a sleep aid to help me sleep. I began to do some research and found that according the CDC, over 14 million people in the U.S.A take a form of prescribed sleep aid. That’s not including the people that take over the counter stuff, like melatonin!

I realized that the enemy has used busyness, ministry, and pressures of the world, to keep us in a place dependency on sleep aids and anxiety medications. Just to cope with our lives! What an amazing scheme to keep the people of God distracted from the purposes of God. What an amazing scheme to keep the Prophetic voices quiet, just keep us medicated. What an amazing scheme to keep the dreamers from dreaming, give them pills to sleep, so they are unable to dream.

My friends, while its true many people need life saving medications. I am beginning to wonder if Gods people are not becoming too dependent on things to, “help them cope,” rather than going to the source! I am not opposed to medications that are necessary. However, I believe its bigger than we even know!

Maybe like me, you have wondered why you are no longer dreaming. I believe, God wants you to know the scheme of the enemy, to literally, “wake you up from your slumber!” I wonder what the people of God would look and act like, if we were not so highly medicated? I wonder what would happen if all the dreamers began to dream again? I know. Hell would tremble!

1 Thessalonians 5:6 “So be on your guard, not asleep like the others. Stay alert and be clearheaded.”


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