Pure Voices Arise

🔥Pure Voices Arise!🔥

In my spirit I heard,
“It’s time for my pure voices to arise.”

There is a lot of contamination going on in the body right now. So many people starving for attention and chasing titles. So many people, claiming to be, “Apostles and Prophets,”
It’s downright heartbreaking!

We have become a people obsessed with platforms and performance. We are like little kids, “look at me, watch this!” Oh, Jesus help us! We have become obsessed with prophetic words, looking for our, “next fix.” We put people on pedestals and chase after their gifts.

Oh, Jesus Help us. I see the rise of pride on social media. And it is so easy to get caught up in it. I had to do some serious heart checks and the Lord convicted me of some things recently. We need to constantly check our hearts. Jeremiah, makes it clear. “The heart is deceitful above all things who can know it.” Jeremiah 17:9

Friends, Ministry can be a slippery slope. We don’t need to compete; we all have a place. We don’t need to compare; we all have value. We don’t need to announce ourselves. The Lord will do it. We don’t need to seek the opinions of man. We serve an audience of one.

“But now,” says the Lord, “Its time for the Pure Voices to arise!”

Its time for the mouthpieces of God to begin to speak truth in love, to convict the hearts of man. “For God disciplines those that He loves.” Hebrews 12:6

It’s time for the Pure Voices to announce the Kingdom is Coming. Its time for the Pure Voices to speak life and hope into the Nations. Its time for the Pure Voices to stop comparing themselves to the clanging symbols on social media. Stop retreating from intimidation and advance! Its time to advance.
You, who are a Pure Voice. It’s time to speak. It’s time to arise!
#propheticword #prophetichope #purevoicesarise #born2inspire

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