A Season To Reflect.

A Season To Reflect
The Lord gave me a word I want to encourage you with.
I have been asking Him about the current season we find ourselves in. As I was thinking about it, I heard the word, “Reflect.”
I looked it up in Websters Dictionary, it means to; prevent passage of and cause to change direction; to make manifest or apparent; to think quietly and calmly.
Wow, if ever there was a time to truly reflect it is now. Our world has found itself in a very vulnerable state. While there are many things, I don’t understand about all of this, I do know, that this has not taken God by surprise. We are not to be afraid. Cautious and wise, but not afraid.
This virus has certainly caused a change in direction for the world as we know it. I believe God is making Himself very apparent to people, who may otherwise never desire to know Him. God’s presence is being manifested in powerful ways all over our country. We are seeing it everywhere. Never in our lifetime have we seen such a disruption to everything we know. We have been speaking about, “The new thing.” Isaiah 43:19 for decades and yet now that it is here, we find ourselves feeling fearful and anxious about the future. Friends, this has not taken God by surprise, He is fully aware of our condition. I believe in Romans 8:28 that says,
“ALL things will work to our good.” (paraphrased)
So yes even this!! This situation is causing all of us to change directions, and to think differently. It’s a season of reflection and really figuring out what is important in our lives. The things we found our identity in, have been shaken, our jobs, titles, ministries etc. The way we do life. The way we do church. The way we live has been radically changed. It will never be the same! Praise God for that. If we truly want reformation (radical change) as we have been speaking, then we need to brace ourselves because we have been thrust into it!
We get another chance to do things differently, we have been given no choice. Those that choose not to flow with this new move of God will be left with empty hands. Gods remnant will not go back to the way things were. Gods people are hungry for HIM. Not church, not ministry, not platforms and cashapp prophets, but the holiness of who HE is. They will not settle for less, they will not conform, they will learn to do things differently and creatively. Ministry as we know it and the people who operate them are going to look radically different than what we are used to. But they will be the ones to usher in this new move of God. God’s people will REFLECT the true image of Jesus Christ in this season.
Get ready friends, the new is not coming. IT IS HERE!!
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