I have been called a Racist & a Privileged white woman all in one day, over the same post, that I shared earlier about Trump.


Heads up, I am about to make room for new friends 😉

I stand by the fact that I believe, tearing down statues is NOT solving anything. Defacing property, vandalizing, looting, harming others and their livelihoods, for the sake of a “cause,” is just an excuse to misbehave. I don’t care what color you are, its wrong!

We cannot erase history, but what we can do, is try and continue to do better. I think it’s horrible, that people of ANY color or sex have been enslaved.

However, if you want your voice to be heard, there are other more productive ways to go about doing it. The fact that I believe this does not make me a racist.

I am also a Republican who LOVES, God and my Country. I am also a supporter of Trump.

(I don’t agree with everything he has said or done, but I believe he has a genuine heart for our Nation as well as the people.) This also does NOT make me a racist. However, it does mean, that I am a Proud Christian American woman.

If I am considered, “white privilege,” because of the color of my skin and where I grew up, that’s ridiculous. I can no more change the color of my skin than anyone else. God chose this, I did not. I have not had ANYTHING handed to me. My entire family lineage has had to WORK for absolutely, everything that we have ever had. I was raised by a hardworking single mom, who busted her butt everyday to keep food on the table and clothes on my back, without depending on the system.

Any blessings or favor in my life, is NOT the result of man, but rather the goodness of my GOD! I walk in the fear of the Lord. These blessings are available to EVERYONE, who has accepted Jesus and walks in His ways. I am no exception. Any material possessions that I have, is due to that fact, that, I have a God-fearing husband who works his butt off every day to provide for our family.

Friends, we need to stop addressing this like it’s a, “black and white, issue.” It’s NOT. Is there racism’, sadly, yes there is. But the root of this is spiritual and NOT physical. The enemy is working hard on everyone, to keep us in a spirit of anger, unforgiveness, hate and division. We need to be a people who, begin to see this for what it REALLY is.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, what democratic party you choose, what president you like or don’t like. What DOES matter is that we stay united as the body of CHRIST.

As Ambassadors for Christ, it is OUR responsibility to bring hope, healing and unity to the world. We cannot do that, divided against one another.

Lets stop with the name calling and start acting like mature adults.
We can do better!
Romans 14:19 So then, let us pursue what makes for peace and for building up one another.

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