Exceptional AugustšŸ”„


In my spirit today while driving and praying about what He was doing, I heard,

I believe we have entered a time of great favor with the Lord. Those who have stood and believed, those who have endured when everything was against them. Those who have been overlooked by man, when you served with excellence and integrity. Those who have waited patiently before the Lord.

God sees everything!! NOTHING has escaped Him!!

The Lord is promoting you. Not just another level.
But SEVERAL Levels, (more than 2). Where God is taking you, your resume will not qualify. But God says,

“It is I who gives and I who takes away. No man can stop that which I have for you. Trust me as I lead you into a door of many doors.”

Watch as the Lord begins to supernaturally open doors that you are not qualified for in the natural. But your gifts have made room for you, and your integrity and excellence will keep you. As I am writing I hear, “knock again, ask again, try again.” If you felt that God has called you to something but the timing wasn’t right before. Knock again, Ask again, Try again.

Watch as August begins. You will see where the Lord has been moving on your behalf. August will begin “Exceptional” things for you.
Despite what you see nowā€¦.stay in a place of expectation!
Psalms 75:6-7

levelup #severallevels #newera #favorofGod #newdoors #exceptionalaugust #born2inspirelife

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