🔥Stay In Your Own Lane.

🔥It’s important to stay in your own lane!!
Having my own broadcast it was easy at first to look at other people doing LIVES, with powerful deliverance, prophecy and healings, and wonder if that is what I should be doing.
While, I operate in all of those gifts, especially the prophetic, and I use all my gifts as needed, I need to remember my assignment is to.
“Awaken, Equip and Inspire Godly leaders.”
People are naturally drawn to those powerful ministries because everyone wants a word or needs healing, so you may find that they have more viewers etc. But in many ways, that is not always good. Because people can become like leeches, only watching you, to get something from you.
Please, remember, you serve and Audience of ONE!
Do not compare your ministry with anyone else. God chose YOU for that specific assignment. So just because you don’t sweat when you preach, or pray loud, or cast out demons, does not mean that your ministry is not valuable or anointed.
Louder, does not mean more anointed!
Signs miracles and wonders, does not mean more anointed.
Your time with Jesus, your submission and your trust in what God has called you to do, will bring your highest level of anointing, in whatever sphere He has called you to.
So, let us all learn to stay in our own lane. The thief of joy is comparison. Only YOU can do what God has called you to do the way He wants you to do it! Rest in that!
donotcompare #thiefofjoy #wisdom #born2inspirelife

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