Put Your Boots On!

🔥So many people praying for the rapture!! ??

Being a soldier in Gods army is much like the military. You serve to protect and defend the things you love. You serve not for what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
You serve because you have honor, your serve because you care about what happens to others. You serve because you love your country.

I have NO desire for the rapture right now, there is still TOO much work to be done.

As a child of God we have a responsibility. It is NOT to sit idle and wait for things to pass, or pray for the rapture. But it is to cause things to COME TO PASS. To bring HEAVEN to earth. To stand up for the voiceless, to be the ambassadors for the less fortunate. To bring hope and love to the world through the Love of Jesus and the Gospel.

WAKE UP CHURCH!! This is NOT a time to sit idle. Its a time to RISE UP and fight for our beliefs, our country our home.
Stop praying for the rapture, its NOT coming as soon as you may hope.

Put your boots on! It’s time to make war in the enemies camp, its time to BE BOLD. BE STRONG. BE COURAGEOUS. STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT. Honestly, I feel like if you have no desire to try and make a difference in this world, you have ZERO right to complain or judge those of us who are! SELAH.

standup #stopbeingidle #riseup #defendyourbeliefs

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