New Change Is Coming🔥

Last night, I had a quick but powerful dream. I was standing in a checkout line and the person started to get change out of the drawer to hand it to me. I looked confused, and said, “I thought there wasn’t any change.” The man smiled warmly, and said, “Oh, I have lots of change,” as he hands me a handful of brand NEW shiny quarters. I smiled back, thanking him, “I actually needed this change and its better than I thought,” as I admired my shiny new coins.
The Lord wants us to know, we may feel confused and things may look like they are not changing. However, not only are we going to see change, it will also be BRAND NEW change.
So friends, get excited and expectant as God IS moving and it will be better than you think!!
Ephesians 3:20
newchange #changeiscoming #betterthanyouthink

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