Demons Announce Your PromotionšŸ”„

I have so much expectation in my spirit, it’s almost too much to contain. Everyday, I am checking my emails, text messages and YES even answering phone calls. I know that I know, something good is about to break open. I can feel it in my bones. I don’t see it in the natural, but I know it by the spirit.

In fact listen friends, the more opposition we face the greater the breakthrough. Demons will always announce your promotion. They always show up when God is about to bless you.

Yesterday, (8-11) I was doing my first, of 2 broadcast, and as soon as I went live, a spirit of witchcraft hit me. It literally made me feel ill, confusion hit and I put my head down unable to think. I wanted to shut off the broadcast, but my spirit rose up and said, “Not today satan.” I went on to do the broadcast, but many times I felt like my throat was trying to close up on me, like someone was squeezing it. I felt disoriented and unable to think clearly many times. It was the first time, I have had that happen on a broadcast.
But no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!

I am writing this post, as a future testimony to Gods goodness.
I expect to announce very soon, the reason for my warfare.
I also want this to be an encouragement to you,
continue to keep your hopes up, continue to be in expectation.
Expectation, is the breeding ground for miracles.

As a person with the gift of faith, I release that over you right now, in Jesus name. I dare you to dream with God.
1 Cor 2:9

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