Where Are The Warriors?


Friends, we are living in perilous times. We need Jesus, like we need air. There is a great awakening happening. Sadly, many people will not make it through this season. They are so conditioned and manipulated by the world, that they have been fooled. They will stay stuck in religious boxes and legalistic ideas. Fear has run rampant, and many of us have put our heads in the sand, hoping that we can just ignore what is happening. We need to WAKE-UP and be BOLD in this season. This is not a season to stay silent or stay in the camp.

We are in a serious spiritual battle. It requires WARRIORS!!
We must speak forth truth; we must be KINGDOM minded in this hour. We need to be bold, for our faith and be willing to be crucified by the world and other believers for it. Jesus came as both the lion and the lamb. This hour in time, requires the Lion.

A season of courage, strength, boldness, tenacity, and grit. A season to let out your roar and let your voice be heard. This is not a season to ONLY pray. This season requires putting your faith to action. This season requires boots on the ground! This season requires hardcore intercession AND picking up your sword. No more playing church saints.

Our lives, and future generations are depending on us to do our part!
GET UP. GEAR UP. SPEAK-UP. Take your place, its time to be bold as Lions. Its time to make war on the enemy’s camp and take back ALL that he has stolen. It’s time to rise up, mighty men and women of God! It’s time to RISE. Where are the warriors, who will fight for our Nation? Fight for our faith? Fight for our freedoms?
If not us then who??
Do it afraid. The Lord is with you.

I challenge you to Join the battle. Because we Win the War.
Are you battle ready?
Ephesians 6:10-18

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