Face To Face With The One Who Loves Us.


I had a vision today, of seeing a woman with crusty scales on her eyes. Like someone, who had a severe case of shingles. Because this woman could not see, she was dependent on her hearing. However, there was so much chaos and noise, she was unable to hear clearly. The sounds were deafening, so she became fearful, because her ability to move about was based on her ability to hear. She began to cry, but her eyes were so crusted over, that not even tears could make their way through the scales.

I then heard a clicking sound. As the clicking became louder, she began to feel around the room. With each click, the chaos and confusion was becoming a faint whisper. With the final click, she stopped and waited intently. There was a soft voice that whispered. “I am here. I have always been here. You are not alone.” She began to weep with joy, and as she did, the tears caused the scales to begin to fall off her eyes. She opened her eyes, to behold the beauty of Jesus, with outstretched arms. End of vision.

After the vision I was intrigued by the clicking, so I looked it up. I read something interesting that states, that some blind people, can develop other senses, such as ‘Echolocation,’ to be able to figure out their surroundings. They will make a clicking noise, that noise will bounce off objects, and they are able to determine their surroundings, based on the closeness of the sounds.

I sensed this was an encouraging message for the body. Many people are struggling, unable to see clearly and are overwhelmed by the noise and chaos of the world. They have been blinded by, lies, fear and propaganda. The Lord is reminding us that He is always near, ready with outstretched arms. I believe God is giving people a supernatural ability to detect obstacles, in the natural. We are also developing new gifts in the spirit to discern and hear differently. Our joy in Him, will destroy fear and the things holding us captive and unable to move. God is giving us fresh eyes to see and the ability to hear beyond the noise. Remember, the clicking is your faith, it guides you. The purpose of all of this, the good and the bad, is to bring us face to face with the one who Loves us.
2 Cor 5:7 “For we walk by faith not by sight.”

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**Photo credit; Jessica Smith

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