Who’s Preaching The Cross?🔥

Who’s Preaching the Cross?🔥

I see so many people preaching, proclaiming to be Prophets, & Apostles. Lots of people are talking about demons, the different types and how to defeat them. Writing book after book about demons. While its true we need that wisdom.
We also need to know about the power of the blood and how it defeated all those demons!
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Who’s preaching the CROSS?

People are giving out prophetic words for money and throwing out the, “name it and claim it,” and adding cash$app to every post and video. That’s not prophetic, its “pathetic.”
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Who’s Preaching the Cross?

Leaders are giving desperate singles, false hope, telling them X amount of people are going to be married this year, but they are not telling them how to steward being single and preparing for a spouse while they wait. Psychics do that.
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Leaders are preaching about prosperity and telling people
“1 million dollars is going into someones bank account tonight, type Amen and sow a seed.” But they are not telling people how to steward the money they have now, to prepare them for that million dollars. That’s witchcraft
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Many Leaders are signing up for every, “build your brand”, “build your ministry” webinar, trying to build a platform on their own. Trying to become FB famous, so they can get invited to speak. We should never be following anyone more than we follow Jesus. Oh, how my heart grieves.

Who’s teaching the basic necessary principles, Fasting, Communion, Self Discipline? Who’s talking about stewardship and discipleship? Who’s talking about repentance and the blood of Jesus? Oh, how my heart grieves.
I am not condemning anyone, I am simply voicing my concern.

But my deepest concern.
Who’s Preaching the Cross?
Father please forgive us.
John 3:16

#whospreachingthecross #helpusLord #born2inspirelife

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