Hi, my name is Gypsy. Yes that is my God given name & yes my momma was a hippie:) I’m a boy mom, I’ve got 3!

I am a God’s girl, I love encouraging and offering hope to others. I wear many hats, cause who doesn’t love cute hats?!

I am an Ambassador for Jesus, a Motivational Speaker that shares the heart of Jesus & offers hope to the people feeling, lost, lonely and forgotten.

I am a Spirit Filled, believer, full of love and fire. Hang around awhile you just might catch fire too:)

I am a Prophetic Voice and love to share what God puts in my heart. I am a hope giver and look for opportunities to bless others with words of encouragement. Friends, we are in a season where God is calling the Prodigal sons and daughters home. We are going to begin to see people being raised up for such a time as this. People covered in tattoos. Homosexuals turning back to the Father. Church hurt families, coming back into the house Of God. The spiritual outcast, the psychics, the dreamers the black sheep. Those turned away by men are being stirred by the heart of Jesus, to come back home. Home…not a religion but a place of freedom and hope. Mighty men and women being used like a sharpened arrow that when ready, God is going to sling back and hit the enemy in his camp. So get ready, cause ready or not its happening even as I type this! God is moving in unprecedented ways and I am so excited to be a part of this!

Somewhere in here…I write books. I have many in me still waiting to be written, but currently working on one now. Excited to see what God does with them.

But no matter how many earthly titles I may have, I will cast my crowns, because I know without God I am nothing. It is because of Him, that I am who I am and have what I have. I was a lost wretched soul & He saved me. For that I will commit my life to serving others and sharing Gods amazing LOVE!–

You can find me on FB under Gypsy Dallas Smith for daily encouragement.