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There was a shift in the spirit today, a release. Someone needs to know that “its time, its time, its time to go.” You have been bound long enough, the Lord has released you today in the spirit from your captivity. But you must choose to walk away.

Some of you have been released for a long time, but just like an Elephant that has been in captivity for so long, they still feel the chains around their feet, even though there is nothing there. You have prayed and asked for confirmation, asking “when Lord?, how much longer?” The Lord would say today, “My Child, I have released you, not even Pharoah can stop what I am doing in your life. Take that next step of faith and trust me as I carry you through this dark but necessary process. You knew it was coming, because I have warned you, I have prepared you. I am well pleased with your obedience to wait on me, to yield to my spirit, rather than being driven by your emotions that wanted to flee. Trust me as I orchestrate the most beautiful symphony on your behalf. I am the God who will not disappoint, now walk with me, its time to go.”

This is not for everyone, but you know who you are. Its time. If you were looking for confirmation this is it. Understand that while it may be painful, it is necessary. Your obedience will open up a great big world to you. If you stay in your comfort zone, God will not stop you. However, if you stay, you will never know the fullness of what God has for you. Trust Him, because your legacy is counting on your obedience to make the hard choices today. Its time. Your future awaits!
Psalm 118:5 “When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; He brought me into a spacious place.”
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My heart grieves. All over Facebook I see people hungry for encouragement, prophetic words, something they can cling to. Its like they are looking for that next fix. Truth is, they do need a fix. A holy Spirit, get on your face fix!

I don’t understand how people are desperate for Jesus, but not desperate enough to seek Him for themselves. They don’t want to Fast, they don’t want to pray, they don’t want to do anything that actually requires a sacrifice on their part. So they continue stuffing their faces with others peoples words, other peoples sacrifice.

And yes, there is a season we all go through that we need to be encouraged. A season

when we first start out learning about God. But at some point we have to grow up. I am talking about the people that are in the same spiritual place they were 20 years ago.

People who sit and wonder why God isn’t blessing them.

Living a sacrificial life is hard, but it is worth it. Living a life of rejection is hard but it is worth it. Living your life with purpose is hard, but it is worth it.

Friends, I am just keeping it real and speaking in love. I want you to truly know Jesus for yourself, to be willing to seek His face and not just His hand. God says He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6) And you wonder why some people are just more blessed than others.

God doesn’t love them more than you, but there is a relationship established that makes them closer than you. But you are as close to God as YOU choose to be. Its a choice.

I encourage you to expand your prayer life, from one that has become ritualistic to one that is a true heart cry. I encourage you to set time aside everyday and get on your face (literally) if physically able, turn on some worship music and just listen! Stop talking long enough to hear what God wants to say to you! He is speaking, but He is a gentleman, so He whispers.

And if you really want to kick it up a notch, get serious breakthrough, healing, deliverance, words directly from the throne room. FAST!! Fast and pray. Crucify your flesh long enough to hear God yourself. Remember Jesus ministry of signs miracles and wonders, it never began until He…..what? FASTED!!

Its not a coincidence. Its the KEY, the STRATEGY, the POWER you need to live a BIG life for Jesus. I wish you understood, the power and love that flows through you. YOU WOULD NEVER BE THE SAME!

I see that my purpose is clear, to keep sharing, until you are convinced there is more to God than what you have experienced. There is always so much more:)

Oh, God, forgive us, Awaken our souls for more!!

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The Lord has been speaking to me about, Refocusing, Priorities, Preparation and Position. This has been a very, “weird” few months The warfare for me has lessened as I don’t feel like I am laboring for everything. However, I feel like just as I gain some ground and regain some strength and hope, the enemy comes in with distractions and confusion.

The Lord spoke to me in May and told me “Its time to refocus.”I felt that was a word for all of us. He also started speaking to me about His time and the New Year beginning In August and what we must do to position ourselves for this next move of God.

Now is a time to clear your calendars and make room for the new God wants to do. This is a time when your priorities need to shift, as God is wanting to prepare you for the coming months. You may need to lay some things down temporarily, to be able to refocus and position yourself. Ask God what He is wanting you to refocus on in July. Where should your priorities and your focus be in this coming month.

This is a month where you need to begin to prepare yourself. This is a time to Fast, and Pray, take Communion and Lay on your face in humility to position yourself for what God wants to do over the next few months. MAKE TIME FOR HIM. You will find as you do, that the Heavens will be open and you will not have to contend like previous seasons to enter the courts of heaven. Strategies and Blueprints are being released as well as a renewed hope and JOY!! God is near and His presence tangible.

The Lord is asking us to partner with Him to release joy into the atmosphere. I have been in places where someone released Joy over people, and laughter began to break out all over the room. Begin speaking JOY into your environment and watch as it shifts the atmosphere. Joy also brings inward contentment and peace.

My friends, God is NO DOUBT moving mightily and we are going to see some life altering things take place over the next few months. Some things are going to be painful but necessary to reach our destinies. If we want to be able to handle the elevation for this new season then we must be willing to prepare ourselves and position ourselves for what God has spoken over us. We must be willing to let go and release people, places and things with peace.

WARNING: How you exit this next month (July) is going to prove to be a blessing or a curse. How you exit one season, will determine how you enter another. So do everything you can, to end the month the best way you possibly can, so that it does not delay your destiny.

The next few months are going to prove to be an incredible new adventure for many, who have prepared themselves. Many people will finds themselves occupying new lands, both physical and spiritual. God is making room for you, so make sure that you are Prepared and Positioned for the New God is bringing!! Watch as you partner with God to release, Joy into the atmosphere. You will see genuine laughter, joy, and hope renewed in believers and non believers alike, all over the world. The media will capture it!! And you will see your declarations in action!!
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Where Are The Hands And Feet of Jesus?

Recently I was out shopping, I was busy and in a hurry. But this day was different. As I came out of one of the stores and began walking to my vehicle, it was as if time began to slow down and I suddenly became very aware of everyone around me. I started walking slower and made it a point to make eye contact with every person who would look at me. I wondered, “are they a believer?” It was like I was in a movie, taking every second in.

All of a sudden my spirit became so grieved. I felt heavy and such deep sadness came over me. I walked to my vehicle, put my things away and just sat there, trying to figure out what just happened. I asked the Lord, “what was that about?” As I began to ponder that encounter, I felt as if the Lord was saying, “where are my hands and feet?” I then began to think about all the places I had been on that day and any other given day. How many times had I seen someone prophesying over another person in a store or on the sidewalk? How many times had someone ever approached me and offered me an encouraging word, or prophesied over me? How many times had I witnessed a healing on a street corner? Truth is, I am out and about often and have never had anyone approach me, or have I seen anyone laying hands on them for healing. Does this mean it never happens? Of course not. I have seen people praying for one another a few times throughout my life.

However, I can get on social media on any given day and someone will be willing to give a word or offer to pray for someone’s’ healing. I see these acts on social media, I see them in church meetings and conferences. But my concern is this…if we being a prophetic people, a gifted people who claim to love Jesus and want to be used by God, why isn’t it normal to see believers reaching out in our daily lives??

Why are we not walking in the spirit when we go to the grocery store? The coffee shop? The nail salon? The gym? wherever it is that we go? Why are we not healing, ministering, evangelizing our communities? Why are we only comfortable doing it in church settings. We seem especially gifted when there is a crowd, likes, or people are watching us.

It grieved my heart that day and I know it grieves God’s heart, that’s why I had such a heavy burden. Friends, if we truly want to be used by God then we need to step out and start being the hands and feet of Jesus. Its not about how we feel. If we are dead and Christ lives in us, our feelings don’t matter. We should be walking in the spirit at ALL times, now just when we are at a church meeting or on social media.
Its time to step out of the box and hit the streets with the Love and power of Jesus. The Father is asking you??
Will you be my hands and feet?
Isaiah 61:1-2
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Happy Monday friends!

I hope you had a great weekend! I wanted to encourage you today and remind you, “Great things take time.” Whether its spiritual, emotional or physical.

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed in any one of these areas and look at how far you have left to go, rather than how far you’ve come.

I want you to give yourself grace, but keep moving forward. Keep trying, keep working towards your goals, keep going!!

Just because you fail at something doesn’t make you a failure. You learn from it but keep moving on!

Friends, You got “this” whatever your “this is” YOU GOT!!
God is with you and I am cheering you on! I love you big big!! Have an amazing incredible day.
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Stay Sensitive To The Spirit.

Things are really starting to pick up in the spirit. And God is speaking differently to us, than in past seasons. We have talked about this recently, how we shouldnt get used to expecting God to speak in only one certain way.

I have found that God is giving me little words, or phrases that literally float down in front of me, like the dream I had recently, that said, “its time to refocus.” Or more recently last night, I heard a doorbell. It only rang once. Followed by hearing these words. ” You will be on a stage in 8 months.”

Be sensitive to the spirit even throughout the day as God may use, key phrases, T.V Commercials, a billboard or a license plate to speak to you..
Number sequence have been a big one for me.

Last week while on a run I found a key on the ground that said “Axxess” on it. He is leaving clues everywhere. He is leaving puzzle pieces, that when put together are bringing everything together.

So how do you know when its God? These things should be confirming what you know God is already saying to you. We need to stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and keep our minds and spiritual eyes open at all times.
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I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to encourage today and remind you that regardless of what it looks like in the natural, GOD IS A PROMISE KEEPER!! The devil is a liar. Stop coming into agreement with the enemy. Repent for believing his lies and start declaring what GOD has said!

God is faithful. God does not lie. God loves you. God is making a way. God is shutting doors to wrong places and people. God is opening doors to new people and new things.

God is restoring. God is faithful. God is equipping you. God is giving strategies. God is leading you. God is guiding you. God is breathing life into you. God is standing for you. God is covering you. God is faithful. God is fighting your battles. God has gone before you. God is defeating your enemies. God is preparing the way.

Did I mention, God is faithful….BECAUSE GOD LOVES YOU!!

Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?
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The Enemy Is Hiding In Plain Sight


My son sent this photo to me today. Initially, I didn’t notice anything at first and thought he sent me the wrong photo. But as I zoomed the photo in, I saw a large snake coiled up behind a tire. Immediately, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “The enemy is hiding in plain sight.” It took me by surprise.

Friends, today is the day of Pentecost, one of our Holiest Days. The Day that the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples. The Holy Spirit has many functions, but one of them is as a “Discerner”. 1 Cor 12: 1-14
He helps us to discern our enemies. God is warning us and giving us wisdom in this season of our lives. The enemy is being exposed!! But sometimes we must look closer, and then look again. Sometimes we have to “zoom” or “focus” on what’s right in front of us.

You see often times, the enemy will hide in “Plain Sight,” and we don’t even realize it, because it does not look like what we are expecting. The enemy will always use people when he can, to try and abort our destinies. He will use people to lure us in by our flesh and once we are hooked, its hard to break free.

The enemy IS being exposed, but we MUST walk in wisdom and discernment. We must STOP being so naïve and recognize people for who they really are. Our hearts will say, “I love them, they are good to me, they can change.” or “They are not always bad, they have had a rough life, they are stressed etc…” The Word says, in Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things & desperately sick, who can understand it.”

Have we made our hearts a god, by choosing to follow it? The world tell us to “follow our hearts”, but all throughout scripture, Jesus tells us to, “follow Him.” Our hearts were never meant to be followed, but to be led by God!

God has given you discernment through the holy spirit. But you must learn to say. “No,” to your emotions and listen to your gut! Have you ever had a “Gut check?” where something feels off?

Your gut, your belly is where the Holy Spirit resides, John 7: 37-39 (The Holy Spirit IS the Living water.)
Thats what you trust! Not your heart, not your head, and certainly NOT your emotions. Learn to be led by the Spirit and NOT the flesh. The enemy has been hiding right in front of you and while your gut (aka holy spirit) tells you one thing, you have been listening to your emotions.

Be wise! Recognize the deception of your enemy and know that while he may be hiding, once you discern him, he will be exposed. Once he is exposed he can be defeated. Walk in discernment! Be set free!!

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Its Time For The New; That’s Customized To You!

These Running shoes were my absolute favorite. I ran/jogged/walked in them for nearly 4 years and logged thousands of miles. I loved them so much, the colors, the fit, the style. They suited me. They were a perfect fit. But they were not the only ones, many people have these same shoes.

As I went to put them on recently, I noticed that they seemed more worn than usual and didn’t quite have the same fit as they once had. I was sad, but I put them on anyway and went for my run.

I had a great run, but while out, God began to speak to me about wearing shoes that no longer fit properly. He spoke to my heart and reminded me I was in a new season, and a new season required letting go of the old and embracing the new. I was okay with that…I thought it was a perfectly good reason to upgrade and get new shoes. So I went online and looked for the same style and color. I wanted those same shoes, but new. To my surprise, those shoes were discontinued! Now, I could get similar shoes, but not THOSE shoes.

I then felt as if it wasn’t meant for me to have those same shoes. If God truly is doing something new in this season, than I should stop trying to hang on to things that are familiar and look for the NEW. So I went back online and to my surprise I was able to find a pair that were CUSTOM made just for me! I was able to pick the style and every color, from the sole to the laces as well as creating my own ID on them.(Born2Inspire)

I had so much fun designing my brand new shoes! I created them and they were customized to me. No one else will have these same exact shoes!
God reminded me that in this season, He wants us to be willing to let go of the familiar. He wants us to let go of the old things and get ready for the new. But not just something that’s familiar, but He wants to prepare you for a custom fit! A custom design, something that is so uniquely you, no one else will have it!

Friends, this truly is a new season to release the old and to trust God for whats next. It may not look like what you want it to, but God always knows best. Let Him surprise you with something so creative, that when you receive it, there is never any doubt who it belongs to!

Its time for an upgrade! Are you ready to release the familiar, for something Customized just for you? Don’t be afraid of change, God is always with you!
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6
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