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Dont Give Up!

🌈Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
-Maya Angelou

Thank God I dont look like what I’ve been through!
It’s only by Gods grace that I am here and can declare His goodness and mercy.

💢Drugs, addictions, abuse, divorce, death, bankruptcy, nearly stoned to death, clinical depression, suicidal thoughts.💢

I thank God for His loving kindness and favor upon my life. My life is far from perfect, but pretty darn close!

I had to go through hell to get here, but it was worth it. It was worth coming out of the fire, so that I could BE on fire for Jesus and help pull others out of the pit🔥

Friends, no matter what you’re going through, I want you to know, you are not alone and God is with you! He will get you through this, because we are promised a rainbow after every storm!🌈

This too shall pass, dont let go. Dont give up. Help is on the way!! He will never give up on you! Nothing in your life is ever wasted! Romans 8:28

I’m living proof❤
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Because He is a good, good Father. I want you to remember nothing in your life is ever wasted. I also want you to know that God is no respecter of people. That means, no matter where you find yourself today, close to God or further away then ever before.

His love for you is not determined by how you perform or what you can do for Him. His love isnt based on who you are. Its based on who HE IS.

So think of the most Godly person you know, selfless always does for others. Now think of the worst person you know, selfish, thief, drunk. Maybe you find yourself somewhere in the middle. Guess what???

He loves us ALL the same. Thats right. No one person better than another. So if you are bound in addiction and sin. Have fallen far away from God and think God wouldn’t want you back. Please know that that is a lie from the enemy.

God is whispering to you today, “I love you, you are mine, I miss you, there is hope in me, I know what you need.”

God has bottled every tear. He has heard every prayer. He’s the only one that can truly help you. He’s never far away. Hes as close as your heart. Will you draw near to Him today?
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Many people want to blame the enemy for everything.

Truth is…many of you are the cause of your own delay in Gods promises.

Yes…let me repeat that.
Many of you have been in a season of delay for years.

Not because the enemy had anything to do with it.

But because YOU have chosen not to be obedient with what God has told you to do.

This message is not to condemn you.

Hear me, it is to convict you and hold you accountable for what God has called you to do.

Get set free from procrastination! It causes disobedience and delay!
And its killing your dreams and destiny.

Dont be afraid to make a mistake! Be afraid of disobedience.

I encourage you, to stop standing on the edge of the pool, watching everyone else swim!!

If you flop. You flop. But atleast you are in the water!

Please dont rob the world and yourself from the gifts God has given you to release.

Its time to jump into the deep end. It’s time to stop procrastinating and be obedient with what God is calling you to do.

I believe in you and all of Heaven is cheering you on!
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God laid something on my heart this morning. He reminded me, that In order to pursue His promises we need to stay strong. And in order to deliver our promises, we must stay stronger!

YOU see the enemy, is not going to relent in pursuing us, trying to destroy what God wants to do in our lives.
He knows the power we carry.

But WE know that God is our protector! He is the gentle Dr waiting to deliver us.

Friends, many of you are just one push away from birthing what God has been incubating for years. But, just like in the natural when a woman is giving birth, she’s growing tired, but she must keep pushing.

She’s at the last stage and she knows that there’s no more resting, she knows this is going to be very painful, but it MUST be done.

Or she risks the baby’s life and possibly her own.

I sense, there are some of you that are going to have to go through something painful to deliver your baby!

Your going to have to let go of things holding you back. Your going to have to let go of possibly, people and places. Where God is taking you, they cannot go.

I know your thinking, “my God, I’ve been through so much already!” And it’s true, but if your honest a lot of what you have experienced is due to the poor choices you made. God will always use it for our good, but we still have to endure the consequences.

But it’s going to be quick! You’ve already endured the hardest part.

My friend, this is THE push. This is it, and once you get through this, there will be a season of rest, and joy, so much joy! You will look back in awe of what God has done in such a short amount if time.

YOU see, when we release our will to His, He makes a way. He allows things to happen, to push us forward into our destiny. Everything you have been through, is for this moment in life! Right now, it’s here.

But…..will you trust Him to deliver you? Or will you allow your baby to die on the birthing table, because you were too afraid to push?

The time is now! It’s go time.
YOU are being delivered.
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#faithoverfear #newseason

🔥Men Are Rising Up!

I had a dream a few months back and felt it was for the body, however I didn’t feel it was the right time to release it. Today I read the words “Cross-Over”,
and was reminded of the dream I had.
I felt the Holy Spirit give me permission to release it, as I felt July is a Season of, “Crossing Over.”

The Dream

I saw myself standing in a camp, I saw a tall fence with a narrow gate. I saw a man helping a wounded, woman coming down a mountain and through the narrow gate into the camp I was standing in. I remember someone asking me, “what are they doing?” I replied, “They are crossing over.”

In this season, many of you have been through intense battles, fighting on the mountain top, “spiritual warfare in high places.”
Its time to cross over into the place of rest. It is a narrow gate, because very few people make it. But you have! You are battered, your are bruised, but you are still alive! And you are not alone.

As I began typing this dream, I sensed the Holy Spirit give me more revelation on it;

There is going to be a rise in men coming to the aid of the women in battle, the husbands, fathers, sons and warriors for Jesus. God is raising up men in a new way to contend for the things of God like never before. Many of them carry orphaned spirits as they have not had earthly fathers. But the Lord is going to do a deep, quick work to help these men become the spiritual leaders in their homes and communities that they were created to be. Its no coincidence that God has revealed this to me on Fathers day!

So ladies, rejoice as your hearts cry for your husbands and sons is coming to fruition. There is a new generation of men being raised up with humility and submissiveness to the Father, that they will not try and control the women in their lives, but rather be their, “Battle Buddy.” They will, help carry the weight, that so many of us have had to carry for so long, alone!

The men are being raised up to help us cross over and its being birthed in prayer!
I am amazed, as I realize why I wasn’t supposed to release it until today. It is in honor of Fathers Day and the men taking their rightful place as the Spiritual Leader.

Thank you Father.
#HappyFathersDay #crossover #helpmate #prayerforhusbands #rasingupmen

🔥How To Get Out Of Your Wilderness Season With Victory!

Ever wonder why you cant seem to get out of the wilderness??

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness at His very weakest moments. He had been without food for 40 days. (Matthew 4)

I am sure He was disillusion, hallucinating, and feeling horrible. I mean lets be real, most of us get like that if we don’t eat for ONE day. So you can imagine 40!

So what can we learn from this?
He FASTED His way through the wilderness

My point is this, if you want to get through your wilderness season you need to fast and pray!
Your mind, body and spirit is not capable of handling the pressure alone.

Right before Jesus was Promoted and walking in his purpose with signs miracles and wonders, the devil showed up. But immediately after He past the test of temptation, His wilderness season was OVER!!

When you are faithful, walking through the fire, God is faithful to deliver.

Fast and Pray your way through the wilderness.

You’ll know victory is near when the devil shows up.
Because his presence is your sign, your season in the wilderness is OVER and Promotion is on the way.
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❤Humble Post

As I was reflecting on my gifts, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. I realized something that was very humbling.

At one point a couple years ago, when God opened up new doors for ministry and made room for my gifts, I found myself looking for approval. And in all fairness I thought I had been delivered from it!

I realized I was wanting to be connected to people of whom I thought were more spiritual or well known, so that I might be seen with them.

I found myself looking for acceptance with my writing and thought if I was published by certain ministries, I would be recognized as someone who had a voice in that community.

One day in prayer, as I was asking God to search my heart, he whispered,
“why do you care more about what others think than what I think”–ouch–

It went into a soul searching adventure, where God begin to show me that I was looking for approval and acceptance among man. God reminded me that all things, and people are not as they appear. He also reminded me that it only mattered what HE thought about me. Why wasnt HIS opinion the one I cared the most about?

You see, God has ALREADY approved of me!
(And you!)
Mans acceptance isnt necessary!

I was deeply grieved and humbled by His words of correction. It made me take a step back and truly look at my motives and my heart, with everything I was connected to.

I removed myself from any other ministry, and focused on my own.
I also realized I had put myself in a box!

I had been trying to fit myself into one particular area of my gifting, but God showed me I have many gifts. I wasnt to limit Him by only focusing on one gift He had given me.

Friends, so many times we can limit God by only focusing on one area of gifting. If you are prophetic, you are not only prophetic. If you are a teacher, you are not only a teacher. It applies to every gift.

Search your heart. Make sure you are connected to people and Ministries because you’re supposed to be, not because you want to be seen by man.
And please dont put yourself in a box!

If we dont take correction and humble ourselves. God will do it for us. Friends, it can be a slippery slope.
Keep your heart pure before the Lord. As long as you have HIS approval, no one else, no matter how big will ever matter!
#heartcheck #mansapproval #humbleyourself #transparencypost
#born2inspire #hope

The Promises of God Are Close At Hand🌈

Today while driving up my street, I saw this amazing view. I stopped in the middle of the road to capture it. I couldn’t help but see a prophetic picture the minute I zoomed in on it.

I knew it was a promise. It looks like an Angel blowing rainbows. As I prayed into it I heard,
“The promises of God are close at hand.”

Friends, the winds of change have blown. Gods promises are yes and Amen. I feel this photo is very symbolic of the winds of change blowing and the promises of God being released with the help of Angelic activity. Its rare we get to see them in action. But when we do, it truly is beautiful.

I know this has been such a dry hard season, for so many. I have found myself many times asking God, “what are you doing?” Its as if heaven has been silent for a season, although I know He is always near.

I felt such a sense of hope and expectation as I witnessed this in our California sky. Friends, we are in a new season literally and spiritually. I do want you to get your hopes up. I do want you to be expectant. I do want you to know that God is on the throne, and although you may not understand the “why” to every situation, you can trust that God is faithful, and ALWAYS keeps His promises.

So let this amazing prophetic sky, reveal the heart of the Father to you. Be assured in knowing, the winds of change ARE HERE and the promises of God are Close At Hand!

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🦋Inspired Wholeness🦋

-Do you need a safe place to grow and stretch your wings?
-Does your faith need a boost?
-Do you feel stuck?
-Do you need Encouragement and hope?
-Do you need/want physical accountability with your fitness goals?
-Do you want to be involved with a safe group of women, who struggle like you?
-Do you crave connection with others?
-Maybe you dont have a home church and need connection.
-Maybe you do have a home church and just need something more.

I’d love to help!❤

Consider joining my mentoring group.
“Inspired Wholeness”

It probably won’t be like anything you’ve ever experienced. I know the last mentoring group I had, far surpassed anything I could have thought. So much inner healing took place, goals were achieved and dreams realized.

We will laugh, cry and build each other up.

-We will take communion via Live weekly.
-We will have prayer request via Live Weekly.
-We will share fitness tips, exercise and healthy recipes.
-We will cast vision and talk about what’s holding you back.
-We will have daily Encouragement.
-We will have healthy competitions for weightloss.
-We will fast together as we are led for our families and needs.
-We will build lifetime friendships.

*But more importantly we are going to put God first in everything we do!
This group will focus on your Emotional, physical and spiritual self!

Because God desires us to be whole. And I know you want to be too.

So if you’re ready to stretch and grow, because I will pull you out of your comfort zone.
If you’re are ready for some serious positive change in your life. If you are ready for healing and fun.

Then consider joining me and other amazing women just like you!

This will start Monday April 29th.
This is a month to month, no obligation. Its $19 a month and you can pay using PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, FB or check.
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.😁

Payments for May need to be in by the 26th of April:)
I love you and bless you and look forward to inspiring you!
Zelle@Gypsy Smith

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