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Don’t delay your flight

“There are some things you are going to have to leave behind, because they are going to hinder your prophetic release.”

—Jennifer Leclaire quote
Don’t Delay Your Flight

Friends, God is shaking things. Not some things but EVERYTHING that can be shaken will be. The purpose in this is to release us from things, people and behaviors that will keep us in a season of complacency.
Don’t be surprised if you are feeling it. Your job, your family, your marriage, your kids, your ministry. God is shaking so he can build a stronger foundation in us and under us. 
This is a season to have great discernment to know what to release and what to hold tightly to, as the shaking is happening. There are some people and things that cannot go where God is sending you. They are not ready. Be willing to let go if He says to.
I know it maybe painful, but understand if you are not willing to let go of those things He is requiring, it will cost you dearly. Just like when flying, you have to pay a hefty price just to carry extra baggage on a plane. Be willing to leave the luggage behind in order to fly. It may hold your most valued possessions, but to carry them with you will cost you dearly and delay your flight.
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Sometimes after a bone is broken it doesn’t grow correctly. It becomes out of alignment.

Your mobility is limited and can cause permanent damage if not reset.

When you go the doctor they will have to reset the bone. This is painful but necessary for the bone to grow back correctly. 

Some of you need to be (reset) you have been broken and the pain has caused you to be out of alignment. Your limited and if not reset it can cause your growth to be stunted and cause permanent damage!

God is realigning and resetting many of you this season. The great physician loves you too much to let you stay broken. Trust Him as He heals those broken places. Trust Him as He aligns you with the right people, in the right places during this time!

Your going to come out of this completely healed without any permanent damage, but it will require a trip to the Doctor first!

Are you ready to be reset?

Anchored but Not Bound


I hear the voice of the Lord and He is saying, “Now is not a time to get discouraged. I know you feel tied down, you feel bound up and ready to run. Be still my child, in the right moment I will release you. You are eager to get started and that pleases me, but I still need to finish what I started. Have I not said I have gone before you and I am making a way? I am. Where you are going is going to require precision and accuracy. It is going to require many to stand in the gap for you and be your armor bearers.

Right now, you are without covering and If I were to release you, the enemy would devour you. I have kept you hidden, for such a time as this. When it is time, I will release you, for you are my sharpened arrow and I have kept you hidden on purpose. For the enemy knows I have a plan, but only I know this plan. Remember there is no demon in hell or man on earth that can stop my plans.

You feel as if you have been kept bound by your circumstances, but I am here to remind you that you have simply been anchored. Just as a ship must stay anchored, to avoid going adrift with no captain. You too are being anchored. An anchor is never meant to be permanent, but rather to keep a ship steady in position. When the time is right I will lift the Anchor and send you out. Do not grow restless in the waiting, do not try and lift your anchor before I have done all that I need to do. Trust me as I guide you. Stay Anchored to me. You will know when it is time, it will be made clear.”anchored
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Divinely Discontent

Are you divinely discontent? Do you feel restless with anticipation of what’s to come? Do you feel change coming, even though nothing has changed in the natural? 
Dont worry, Your not crazy! 
God is moving and preparing blueprints for His people.  Don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. You are restless for a reason. You were not made to settle. But to come up higher!
 Some of you will experience  a spiritual upgrade. Some of you will take up new territory in the spirit, while some of you will be relocated to a new physical territory.
You have outgrown your environment and it’s time to move forward in the New things God has. Trust Him as He leads. Anything new He gives you will supercede anything you leave behind. Question is; “Are you willing to let go of the familiar, in order to receive the New God is calling you into?”
*It’s time to launch out. Your not crazy. It’s simply, that your soul knows when it’s onto something.

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Answer the Call

​Have you ever had such a burning desire, something so deep within your bones you can’t shake it? The kind that has you up at night. You don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s like fire shut up in your bones. You know you were made for more, you know you were meant to live a life of purpose. Everything in you is screaming, “When God? When are, you going to release me?” “When will I no longer be a cave dweller?
You know God speaks, because you have intimate conversations with Him. It is in that secret place that He whispers the secret things to your soul and you excitedly write them down somewhere. You know that if you were to ignore the feelings in your heart you would die. You would commit spiritual suicide.  

Your body would live, but your spirit would be crushed. You know the only way to find true happiness, true fulfillment no matter how scary, is to do the very thing that scares you the most.

Answer the Call.
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